Spanish Classes Rates

Spanish Classes ONE ON ONE

2 FREE activities are available per week (Salsa Class and Cultural Activity)

-Prices for Classes
- $ 115 one week classes 4 hours 5 days from 8am to 12pm
- $ 135 one week classes 5 hours 5 days from 8am to 1pm
- $ 165 one week classes 6 hours 5 days from 8am to 12pm and 2pm to 4pm . Or 4pm to 6pm
- $ 95 one week classes, 4 hours, 5 days, 1pm to 5pm
- $ 185 one week for two, not each one, If you and a friend shared a teacher 4 hours 5 days. 8am to 12pm
- $ 175 one week for two, not each one, If you and a friend shared a teacher 4 hours 5 days. 1pm to 5pm


These rates are for "family homestay". Rates are per student

-Prices for Homestay
- $ 100 one week homestay with shared bath 7 nights , 3 meals a day except on Sundays
- $ 130 one week homestay with private bath 7 nights , 3 meals a day except on Sunday.

Note : This rates require 7 days stay. If you wish to stay less than 7 days, the price is may be higher, please contact us to find out more.

Spanish Classes (classes only / without homestay)

If you prefer to have Spanish Classes only to stay elsewhere, the following rates apply. Spanish Classes are ONE ON ONE system.

-Prices for Classes in Case of No-Homestay
- $ 125 one week 4 hours. 8 to 12.
- $ 145 one week 5 hours 8 to 1pm.
- $ 175 one week 6 hours 8 to 12 and 2 to 4pm.
- $ 105 one week 4 hours 5 days 1pm to 5pm.
- $ 205 one week 4 hours 5 days 2 students with one teacher. 8 am to 12 pm.
- $ 185 one week, 4 hours, 5 days, 2 students one teacher. 1pm to 5pm


    The school is closed on the following days :

    - December 25th Christmas day

    - January 1st New Year's Holiday

    - Viernes Santo Las friday on Easter Week.

    - November 1st Día de Todos Los Santos in Guatemala

    Please note that no classes or activities take place on these dates. Also note that no meals will be served at the family homestay on these dates.

Payment Methods

Please payment methods apply for in-person classes in Antigua Guatemala only.

Payments for Spanish classes, homestay and transportation should be:

  • You can pay with Guatemalan Quetzals (Guatemalan currency).
  • Visa credit card (please add 15% for credit card tax & bank fees, but you can avoid the 15% if you go to ATM machine to exchange money to quetzales and pay cash).
  • Or you can also pay using USD American Dollars, please bring bills of 50 and/or 100.

Please make the payment in the first when you classes begin and/or first day of each week, as we pay teachers and homestay during the week and not at the end.

NOTE: If you do less than one week classes or homestay, the price per day or per hour is diferent. It is more expensive.

If you wish to make your reservation, please wirte us a e-mail with your request, you dont need to fill out a contact form if you dont want to, please include your name, e-mail, emergency contact info.

Transportation ( one way )

$ 40 per person for private, safe and direct transportation from Guatemalan Airport to Antigua (one shuttle, one way). $ 50 for 2 students (one shuttle, one way). $ 25 per person if there are more than 2 students (one shuttle, one way). You could also arrange transportation by yourself to take UBERS, taxis, collective shuttles, or public busses.

Contact Us:

Please feel free to contact us if you should have questions on Spanish Classes rates. Email us at or

antiguenaschool@gm... or mail@spanishacade...