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They are resources for teaching. The methods and techniques are designed to make the learning effective and efficient. Symbolic or verbalist Method: Executed by the word. Oral language and written language.

Individual Method: This version is the education of one student. The ultimate goal is to provide individual development more efficient. Collective Method: The method is collective when we have a teacher to many students. This method is cheaper and also more democratic. (Available only in groups of 2-5 students per course, if you are interested in this option you must form your own group).

Method of Discussion: Discussion of topics of interest. Audio-lingual method.

It gives priority to the spoken language (speaking and hearing).

Looking for the linguistic correction and it is that the individual learn new vocabulary by associating the spoken word and visual image, mainly through repetition. Technological means are used.


We use these techniques for to teach:

  • Technical discussion: It requires maximum student participation in the development of concepts and the development of the class itself. It consists of discussion of a specific topic by the student under the direction of the teacher.
  • Indirect and Direct technical: The Indirect technique is based primarily on the teaching of grammar, translation, version, and repetition. And the Direct Technical consists of teaching through the language being learned. 


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