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Easter Week and Lent Difference

There is a lot of confusion due to the difference between Lent (Cuaresma) and Holy Week (Semana Santa), some think that it is the same because they are both important religious celebrations in Antigua Guatemala.

Words ending in -ad in Spanish Language

There are many words that are widely used in the Spanish language that end in -ad, but they are frequently misspelled and also mispronounced.

Short questions Que and Como in Spanish Language

The words Que and Como in Spanish have very similar applications, and you could almost say that they translate as "what" to English. This similarity refers only when a question is asked. But in Spanish, we use them as an abbreviation for a question.

Hot Chocolate Guatemalan Maya Recipe

Guatemalan Mayan-style hot chocolate has existed as a traditional energy drink since pre-Spanish colonization. It is still today one of the most traditional and liked drinks in Guatemala, not only by local Guatemalans, but also by foreigners. And the preparation for this recipe is very simple and quick to do.

Loquat Liqueur Recipe

San Juan del Obispo, a few minutes from the city of Antigua Guatemala, is a town also known as "the door to heaven", it is characterized for being a town with a lot of history and for being the center of many loquat fruit plantations on the slopes of the Agua Volcano.

Flower Festival Antigua Guatemala 2022

Antigua Guatemala is once again the host of the Festival of Flowers. It's been six years since this festival for all lovers of nature, local culture and the natural color of Guatemalan flowers. A festival that every year shows growth and interest, not only by local citizens, but also by tourists, merchants and artists alike.

Chile Guaque Guatemala

Chile guaque is a type of hot pepper originating from Guatemala, and it's primarily cultivated in localities of the central highlands and some areas of Sololá Department in Guatemala. These chili peppers are eaten before they're completely ripened, when their color is dark green to black, or in their dried versions, which is the most popular and most known presentation.

Chiltepe Chili Guatemala

The chiltepe is a pepper of the species "Capsicum annum" used throughout Latin America and can be found in practically the entire continent. It is generally harvested in the wild when it is still incompletely ripe, and then dried.