Spanish School's'

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What should I bring for coffee and water?

    Thinking of the environment and to take care of our planet, we kindly ask our students to please bring their own cup or glass for coffe and water. Thank you.

  • What do I need to take to the school?

    A Spanish - English, Spanish - German. (depends on your native language), pens and a small notebook. (The school provides all the information grammar, vocabulary and homework, free). If you deside to stay in a family homestay, remember to bring your toothbrush, bathing soap and towel. Personal objects for personal use.

  • Are there family's stay with private bathroom?

    There are families with private bathroom and shared bathroom (shared bathroom means you share a bathroom with other students but you have your own room and own bed).

  • How many students are in each family?

    There are homestays with private bathroom, and homestays with shared bathroom. At homestay with private bath there are between 2 to 4 students in the house, each one with their own private bath. At homestay with shared bath, there are between 4 to 6 students per house and one bath for all. Please note that there is no family-homestay for one student only.

  • Where the school is located and the distance between school and family?

    The school is located in one of the best locations throughout Antigua,50 meters from the largest church in Antigua Guatemala (Church's "Mercy") at 4 blocks from Central Park. 3 blocks from the local market. The school address is: 1a Calle Poniente # 10, Antigua Guatemala, Guatemala C.A. The families are located in different positions such as:A family is at the same school, a family is 2 blocks from the school, families 5 blocks up from school. (5 minutes walk from the school)

  • What are the options for accommodation besides Guatemalan families?

    You could stay in an apartment. (Prices are from $ 150 to $ 300 per week). You can stay in a hotel or guest house, we can help you make your reservations. (Prices are from $ 15 to $ 50 per day, depending on location)But our recommendation is to be in a Guatemalan family to improve their Spanish and learn our culture.

  • How old are the students attending the Academy Antigueña?

    The school has students from a wide variety of ages, from young kids to 90 year old students from different nationalities.

  • What nationality are the students from?

    The school has students from a wide variety of nationalities. (euu, Switzerland, Canada, England, France, Australia, Holland, etc.)

  • How I can book for Spanish lessons?

    For reservations send an email to mail@spanishacademyantiguena.com

  • Does the school rate include insurance for the students?

    No. The school currently doesn't have or offer insurance for the students. We would suggest you to consider traveling to Antigua Guatemala with an insurance as prevention to avoid any uncomfortable situation for any minor or major incidents.

  • How is the weather like there?

    Guatemala has a varied climate during the year, but we have a hot climate from January to May. In which you can wear cool and comfortable clothes. In May the rain season begins, so you need clothes for the water for this kind of conditions, an umbrella and shoes suitable for the rain. The rain ends approximately at the end of October, then the dry winter comes which is cold. In Guatemala winter has no snow, nor temperatures fall so much less to zero. In the highlands of Guatemala, the cold is stronger. But if we compare Guatemala with Europe or North America, winter is wonderful here.

  • Should I consider vaccines against common diseases before traveling ?

    Normally you should take precautions with this type of diseases, before traveling (to Guatemala or any other country) you should always have the basic vaccines against dengue, malaria and influenza. The most common that could happen in Guatemala would be a bacteria in the stomach if you eat on the street with or not recommended places. But this is the same anywhere else in the world. Pleaes contact your doctor for more information.

  • Should I consider vaccines against malaria, dengue and other diseases before arriving ?

    Normally you should take precautions with this type of diseases, before traveling you should always have the basic vaccines against dengue, malaria and influenza. The most common that could happen in Guatemala would be a bacteria in the stomach if you eat on the street with or not recommended places. But this is the same anywhere else in the world.

  • Is it difficult to pay with dollars in restaurants ...?

    Currently it is difficult to use dollars in small businesses, because we have a regulation that we Guatemalans can not exchange $20.00 bills in banks, it is better to use or change your dollars to local money.

  • Can I change money at the airport?

    Yes, it is possible to change money at the airport without any problem, but the exchange rate is very low compared to the banks in the cities, there is no problem if you change in the city banks that you visit, you should always bring your original passport. It is better to use $ 50.00 and $ 100.00 bills. There are many problems with $ 20.00 bills. Keep in mind to bring bills in good conditions and without markings.

  • What do I need to bring to school or family?

    The family includes your room and bedding. You must always bring all products for personal use such as: towels, toothpaste, brushes, hair dryers, soap, shampoo, etc; for all these products are for personal use are not included in the family house.

  • What ages do family members have?

    These are Antigua local Families; each family varies in age, there are families that have minor children, others have young adults and others only two senior adults. Depending on your requirements, your family can be chosen.

  • What is the family's name and address I'll be living with?

    We normally assign families 5 days before your arrival to avoid changes of addresses and families at the last minute. We will provide these data by then. In any case, in the airport you can use the address of the school as a destination or reference.

  • Do I need a visa to enter Guatemala?

    This varies in each country of origin. Some need and others do not. Please call the embassy or your local travel agent.

  • Is there a refund policy?

    Unfortunately we cannot refund for paid classes, as soon as any payment is received, an invoice is generated and recorded. Even if the reasons for the cancellations are for family reasons, natural disasters, political circumstances or social disasters, we cannot make refunds. We greatly appreciate your understanding.

  • Can I change family or teacher if I do not feel comfortable?

    Yes, it is very important that you are comfortable. Please express how you feel and ask for a change if you need it. Do not wait until the end of your stay to express your complaint. You can write us an email. You can also go to the office to talk to use or/and fill out the weekly report that is given every Thursday. Thank you

  • When and how should I pay?

    On the first day of school please pay at the school office. We take Guatemalan Quetzales (local currency). We also accept a VISA card with a 15% surcharge.

  • Do the Wi-Fi is free with the Family Stay ?

    No. Wi-Fi service at the family's should be $10 per week per student. Do NOT pay more. However, at the school's office building the Wi-Fi is free from monday to friday from 8am to 4pm. Note that there is no Wi-Fi at the School's garden facility.

  • Can I get a phone and SIM CARD before traveling to Guatemala?

    It is better to buy a phone and card here in Guatemala or ask at your phone company provider in your country for an internationally phone plan.

  • Where can I exchange money to local currency?

    When you are in Antigua, you can easily find many banks to buy the local currency, but you can also use ATMs where you can do it slowly and more securely.

  • Is it possible have vegetarian or vegan meals at the family's?

    Yes, it is possible. Please make a list of meals you eat and donnot eat and give it to the lady of the family when you meet her. We also inform the family before you arrive.

  • Is it safe to travel in Antigua?

    Antigua is a very tourist city, with different institutions for tourist protection, you should always have your precautions though, do not go out alone at night, don't accept attending clandestine parties after the allowed hours, if you are careful with your personal safety you will be fine. Otherwise if you accept invitations or go out with strangers, these situations could affect your personal and social security. Just follow the same precautions that you would follow in any city in the world.

  • How is the situation of the FUEGO volcano?

    This is actually a natural phenomenon, it is difficult to determine the problems it could cause, but the city of Antigua would not be affected because the distance from the volcano is sufficient, there would be problems with the ash, and possibly road closures. Currently the volcano does not represent danger of any kind for Antigua Guatemala city.

  • Is it a problem to study if my Spanish knowledge is nothing?

    No, it is not a problem if you do not speak any Spanish, the academy has enough experience for any type of Spanish level of the students, we have students of different nationalities, many of them do not speak English either, but we are trained for this type of situations.

  • Is it difficult to learn Spanish if I do not speak English?

    Of course not, everything is possible, if you want and then you can. Each teacher has the ability to guide students who do not speak English without any problem.

  • How do my Spanish level determine the first day?

    On the first day of classes, the teacher assesses your level of Spanish with a small conversation, depending on the development of the conversation the teacher can determine the level of Spanish and where the student needs to reinforce their Spanish and thus develop a program suited to the needs of each student.

  • What can be done weekends in Antigua?

    Antigua is a colonial city, so you could tour around the different ruins of the city on foot. Antigua Guatemala also has several restaurants located in the mountains that surround the city where you can enjoy a good meal, hiking with excellent views of the city. Have a good coffee in the different cafeterias or restaurants with live music, read a good book in the central square and visit art galleries.

  • When can I move into homestay?

    You can move into homestay the first day after your first lesson. Or you can enter into homestay before starting your classes, just need to confirm day and time.

  • Can I be the only one at homestay?

    No. Sorry . Homestay with shared bath host between 4 to 6 each one with their own room but shared bath with other students as well as family members. Homestay with private bath host between 3 to 4 students per house, each one private bath and private room.

  • How far are homestay houses from school?

    All families are located at safe areas and between 10 to 15 minutes walking distance from the school.

  • When I can start classes and homestay?

    You can start any day any time with priviuos reservation. Please note that it is important to do full time classes (5 days) and homestay 7 days in order to recieve the standard rates. In case you wish to have one week and extra days classes with homestay, this is possible but the price is more expensive than regular week rate.

  • What are the holiday dates at the School?

    The school is closed on the following days :

    - December 25th Christmas day

    - January 1st New Year's Holiday

    - Viernes Santo Las friday on Easter Week.

    - November 1st Día de Todos Los Santos in Guatemala

    Please note that no classes or activities take place on these dates. Also note that no meals will be served at the family homestay on these dates.
  • Is the Laundry service included in the family stay?

    No, the laundry service is not included with your stay with a family. There are many laundry places in Antigua City with different price ranges. Ask us about it at the school and we will recommend some you can visit.