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Rules to use Capital Letters in Spanish

The rules about which words can and cannot be capitalized in titles and other text vary depending on the language. Normal writing usually uses lowercase letters, although, for various reasons, you can write words, phrases and even entire texts entirely with capital letters; but the usual thing is that capital letters are used only in the initial position of the word, and their appearance is conditioned by different factors.

Spanish Words Esdrujulas SobreEsdrujulas Agudas and Graves

If you are a student of the Spanish language, you will have heard about words with accents that are very important, and the words "agudas, grave, esdrújulas and sobresdrújulas (as known in Spanish language)" are differentiated by their stressed syllables.

Lentils with Bacon Recipe

If you know Guatemalan food, you will know that stews are very popular in the long culinary history of this country. Lentil stew is a perfect traditional Guatemalan lunch, very nutritious to which you can add other ingredients to give it your personal touch. This is a delicious recipe that is easy and quick to prepare.

Verb Types in Spanish Language

In the Spanish language there are different types of verbs that can be classified in different ways. There are regular and irregular verbs, copulative, impersonal and personal, transitive and intransitive, reflexive and others. Even a type of verb can correspond to more than one category.

The Letter Ñ in Spanish Language

The letter Ñ is technically the contribution of Spain to the Latin alphabet. The sound of this letter did not exist in Latin, but the evolution of the language and the emergence of Latin consonant groups such as GN, NN and NI gave rise to the letter Ñ.

Easter Week Carpet Making 2022

This is a small gallery of images that shows the activity of carrying out the carpet traditions for Holy Week 2022. We are proud at the Spanish Academy Antiguena to have participated with teachers and students in this tradition as we do every year.

Raw Cabbage Salad Recipe

The Guatemalan Style Cabbage Salad is really a very simple recipe, very easy and quick to prepare. This salad is particularly refreshing and delicious and of course it is one of the most popular complements in the traditional Guatemalan lunch.

Processions Tradition in Guatemala

The history of processions in Guatemala has become a very important part of the country's cultural and religious traditions, taking place specially during Easter Week season. Its origin dates back to the arrival of the Spanish in Guatemala, promoting evangelization as part of their conquest plan.