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Rules to use the letters M and N

Words that contain the letters M or N in the Spanish language can easily mislead because they have a very similar sound, especially when they are accompanied by other letters. For Spanish language learners, learning this simple rule is important for writing and speaking Spanish.

Arroz a La Valenciana Guatemalan Recipe

Rice is one of the most important ingredients in Guatemalan cuisine lunches. And this is the key ingredient for this recipe Valenciana Rice Recipe, a recipe of Spanish origin, but which has been transformed over the years to have a Guatemalan twist.

Period, comma and semicolon in Spanish

The punctuation marks "period, comma and semicolon" respond to the need to order ideas according to their value when we express something in writing, this means that they allow the text to be hierarchized and decisively influence the narrative rhythm, in addition to contributing clarity to it, eliminating ambiguities or misunderstandings when they appear misplaced.

Guatemalan Cornbread Recipe

Cornbread is a delicious and simple typical Guatemalan dessert that will fascinate any demanding palate. It is very simple and quick to prepare, like many Guatemalan desserts, and naturally the main ingredient of this bread is corn flour.

Egg Wrapped Cauliflower Guatemala Recipe

Egg-wrapped cauliflower is a traditional Guatemalan dish that is usually prepared around the time of Lent and Easter. However, you can cook it at the time you like the most at any time of the year.

Differences Between Phrase and Sentence in Spanish

In order to improve our syntax and grammar we must know basic concepts and know how to differentiate them. Some Spanish students find it a bit confusing to analyze complex sentences because they have doubts about the base and the basic concepts, so one of the first things you must learn is to differentiate which are phrases and which are sentences.

How to conjugate verbs in Spanish

Here we share a brief guide on how to conjugate verbs in the Spanish language. We know that it can be confusing sometimes, but once you understand it, you will realize that it is not that complicated. Verbs with words that indicate action, existence, condition or state of a subject.

Creamy Chicken with Loroco Recipe

Chicken in cream with loroco is a traditional dish originating in eastern Guatemala for many years. But we have to say that today it is enjoyed throughout the country by locals and foreigners as well. This recipe is without a doubt another of Guatemala's favorites.