Discover the Enchanting Semana Santa (Holy Week) Schedule in Antigua Guatemala for 2024. Rooted in the profound traditions of the Catholic Church, the Easter Week festivities unfold in Antigua Guatemala on Viernes de Dolores (Friday of Sorrows). It's worth noting that the schedule may be subject to adjustments, so it's advisable to verify details with local churches.

Antigua Guatemala experiences a surge in visitors during Holy Week, marking it as a peak season. To ensure a seamless experience, we recommend booking accommodations well in advance, as rooms tend to fill up rapidly. Secure your stay and confirm details with your chosen hotel or guest house. For those driving into Antigua Guatemala, be prepared to witness the city's streets and avenues transformed into vibrant displays with the famous handmade rugs crafted by locals. While these artistic expressions add to the city's charm, they may also contribute to traffic congestion.

Semana Santa in Antigua Guatemala is not merely a religious observance; it is a profound cultural and historical experience. The city's cobblestone streets become an open-air gallery showcasing the meticulous work of local artisans. Processions wind their way through the UNESCO World Heritage site, featuring ornate floats and solemn processional marches. Each day holds unique significance, with religious rituals and ceremonies reflecting centuries-old traditions.

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Beyond the religious observances, Semana Santa offers a chance to delve into Antigua Guatemala's cultural heritage. Try to attend the 'alfombras' (carpets) competitions, where locals create intricate and colorful carpets made from various materials like flowers, colored sawdust, and even fruits. These ephemeral masterpieces line the processional routes, adding a captivating visual dimension to the celebration.

March 22nd - Friday of Sorrows (Viernes de Dolores)

  • (03:00) – Viacrusis from San Francisco to El Calvario (men).
  • (15:00) – Children’s procession – Cathedral.
  • (19:00) – Procession of the Virgin – Jocotenango
  • (12:00 – 23:00) Velacion (Candle light prayer / vigil) – San Cristobal el Bajo
  • (12:00 – 23:00) Velacion (Candle light prayer / vigil) – La Merced 
  • (12:00 – 23:00) Velacion (Candle light prayer / vigil) – Santa Ana 
  • (12:00 – 23:00) Velacion (Candle light prayer / vigil) – El Calvario 


March 23rd - Saturday (Sabado Santo)

  • (05:00) – Viacrusis from San Francisco to El Calvario (women).
  • (12:00 – 23:00) Velacion (Candle light prayer / vigil) – San Felipe de Jesus 


March 24th - Palm Sunday (Domingo de Ramos)

  • (06:30) – Procession of palms – Jocotenango
  • (08:00) – Procession of palms – Santa Ana
  • (08:00) – Procession of palms – Escuela de Cristo
  • (08:00) – Procession of palms – La Merced
  • (08:30) – Procession of palms – San Felipe de Jesus
  • (11:00) – Procession La Merced (main procession of the day)


March 25th - Holy Monday (Lunes Santo)

  • (6:00 – 23:00) Velacion (Candle light prayer / vigil) – La Merced 
  • (16:00) – Procession Santa Ines


March 26th - Holy Tuesday (Martes Santo)

  • (6:00 – 23:00) Velacion (Candle light prayer / vigil) – San Francisco 
  • (18:00) – Procession (silent) from El Calvario


March 27th - Good Wednesday (Miercoles Santo)

  • (6:00 – 23:00) Velacion (Candle light prayer / vigil) – Escuela de Cristo
  • (14:00)  Children’s procession – La Merced
  • (15:00)  Procession – San Felipe de Jesus


March 28th - Maundy Thursday (Jueves Santo)

  • (11:00) – Procession – San Cristobal El Bajo.
  • (13:00) – Procession – San Francisco.
  • (15:00 – 17:00) – “Ceremonia del Lavatorio” – washing of the feet (of the Jesus figure) – Escuela de Cristo, Cathedral, La Merced.


March 29th - Good Friday (Viernes Santo)

  • (00:00) – Pronouncement of the sentence against Jesus – La Merced
  • (03:00) – Parade of Roman soldiers riding on horses and walking on Antigua streets, (act of looking for Jesus and calling out counts against him).
  • (04:00) – Procession from La Merced (dressed in traditional purple robes). *** biggest / most elaborate of all processions
  • (12:00 – 16:00) – Crucifixion ceremony at Escuela de Cristo.
  • (12:00 – 16:00) – Crucifixion ceremony at the Cathedral.
  • (15:00) – Procession from the Cathedral (dressed in black / mourning robes).
  • (15:00) – Procession from the San Felipe de Jesus (dressed in black / mourning robes).
  • (16:00) – Procession from the Escuela de Cristo (dressed in black / mourning robes).


March 30th - Holy Saturday (Sabado de Gloria)

  • 15:00 – Procession from San Felipe de Jesus (only of the Virgin – by women – as Jesus has died).
  • 16:00 – Procession from Escuela de Cristo (only of the Virgin – by women – as Jesus has died).
  • 20:00 – 23:00 – Special Ceremony / blessings in many churches.


March 31st - Holy Sunday (Domingo de Resurreccion) (Easter Sunday)

  • Morning Church services celebrating the resurrection.
  • 13:00 – Procession – San Pedro Apostal (Hermano Pedro)

As you immerse yourself in the cultural and religious activities that define Antigua Guatemala during Holy Week, you'll witness a unique blend of devotion, artistry, and history. This captivating experience is not just a festival; it's a journey into the heart and soul of a city that cherishes its traditions. So, embark on this unforgettable adventure and let the magic of Semana Santa in Antigua Guatemala unfold before you. We are looking forward to see you around town.