There are many words that are widely used in the Spanish language that end in -ad, but they are frequently misspelled and also mispronounced.

In the Spanish language of Latin America, words ending in -ad can belong to two large groups: those that are nouns derived from adjectives, for example: caballerosidad (chivalry) or lealtad (loyalty). The second group is made up simply of words ending with the suffix -ad. For example: mitad (half) or enfermedad (disease).

Throughout Latin America, there is a linguistic custom of not pronouncing the letter D in words that end in -AD, and this has led to the fact that it is written without the letter D of the suffix as well.
Here are the most common examples of words ending in -ad. This is a list of words with the suffix -ad that are commonly pronounced and spelled incorrectly.

Mitad (half)

Electricidad (electricity)

Privacidad (privacy)

Propiedad (property)

Verdad (truth)

Diversidad (diversity)

Comunidad (community)

Versatilidad (versatility)

Oscuridad (darkness)

Salubridad (healthiness)

Curiosidad (curiosity)

Casualidad (chance)

Lealtad (loyalty)

Novedad (novelty)

Veracidad (veracity)

Nacionalidad  (nationality)

Tempestad  (storm)

Velocidad  (velocity)

Peculiaridad  (peculiarity)