San Juan del Obispo, a few minutes from the city of Antigua Guatemala, is a town also known as "the door to heaven", it is characterized for being a town with a lot of history and for being the center of many loquat fruit plantations on the slopes of the Agua Volcano.

Before the loquat fruit, approximately 50 years ago, the apple was the most planted and marketed in the sector of the slopes of the Agua volcano, but due to climate change, the quality of the apple began to decline, then the loquat fruit arose.On the slopes of the Agua volcano, there is an extensive plantation of Nispero trees. There are 60 hectares of loquat trees, these are more than 250 thousand trees that contribute to the environment and landscape in Antigua Guatemala, the importance of these plantations is so important that ecologists recognize that these plantations provide cleaner and purer air at the territorial level and that it has an influence even in many other areas of Guatemala. Most of the residents of San Juan del Obispo benefit from 98 percent of the loquat fruit and produce different products with nutritional and medicinal benefits.

nispero loquat wine

Several families in San Juan del Obispo creatively seek alternatives to market a wide variety of products nationwide, made with loquat fruit and one of these products is the well-known "níspero liqueur".


  • 1 pound ripe loquat
  • 1.5 cups of rum
  • 1/2 pound of sugar
  • 3 cups of pure water


Step 1 : Put the loquat fruits (seedless) in a jar with the rum and leave the pot for 20 days with the jar tightly closed. (Note : You can let it age for more than 20 days if you want. That will intensify the flavor.)

Step 2 : After 20 days, we must prepare a syrup with sugar and water. Then, remove the loquat fruits from the jar and blend the pulp with the run.

Step 3 : Now, mix the syrup with the smoothie (we just did with the loquat fruits), put it back in the jar and let it sit for another 20 days or more.

Step 4 : After 20 days, strain the liquid from the bottle and bottle it, closing the bottle tightly with a cork. Now it is ready to enjoy whenever you want.

Remember that the more time passes, the richer it is. Bon Appetite.