For many of the visitors to Antigua Guatemala, yoga is a practice that harmoniously connects the mind and body. Many times, for a traveler, relaxing and disconnecting from their day to day is also one of their main goals when traveling, although it is not always entirely easy. That is why we dedicate a brief note to our visitors so that they can find a couple of options to continue practicing yoga while staying in this beautiful city.

In times in which we live, immersed in a faster pace of life, with emails to respond, screen notifications and mobile devices, we need to go the extra mile for our health. More and more people are looking for those moments and places to escape from the busy and busy world and achieve peace and well-being through the discipline of yoga, which has become a very important lifestyle every day for many people. There are many alternatives for yoga practitioners, including enjoying a yoga session at different levels, posture and relaxation exercises, but also learning natural habits and of course yoga classes for those who want to become yoga teachers.

Casa San Juan Yoga Center

In the first spot of our small list is Casa San Juan, located a few kilometers from the central park of the colonial city, Casa San Juan is a small hotel but also a yoga center directed by teacher Ginger Hooven. Ginger Hooven Kamalesh is coordinator for programs Yoga Teacher Training and senior yoga teacher at Mount Madonna Center in California, United States. She has created an environment for all those yogis who want the opportunity to practice this discipline in quiet and natural environments, away from the hustle and bustle. Casa San Juan is an ideal house equipped for a Zen-like vacation setting where groups meet for meditation or Yoga retreats. You must contact Ginger Hooven for hours and yoga classes schedules.

Panza Verde

Traditionally a hotel, it has an art gallery that doubles as a yoga room for practice almost every day of the week. Here yoga practices and classes are taught for various levels such as Hatha Yoga, Sivananda Yoga, Vinyasa Flow among others, in the morning and afternoon. Yoga classes and schedules are on the hotel's website.

Shakti Shala

It is a small yoga studio, located near the outskirts of the city. You will find that their activities are mainly during the mornings and are for all levels of yoga. Although currently, this yoga studio teaches classes mostly online. You should enter their website to register and request access to their online classes.

With any of these three options, you will be able to find an opportunity to release the body of tensions that we accumulate during the day, in addition to combining it with a cultural and even fun experience during your trip to this fantastic colonial city.