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Guatemalan Chili Habanero

This species of chili is found in most of the country, but it is especially cultivated in large quantities in the department of Petén, characterized by its special flavor and aroma, as well as its bell-shaped shape. It is very easy to prepare a sauce with habanero peppers, but you must not forget that it is very, very hot.

Guatemalan Chile Cobanero

This is the very famous seasoning that is used in a large number of dishes in Guatemalan gastronomy and that is produced in most regions of Guatemala. It is a round chili pepper with an intense red color and a relatively intense spiciness.

The types of chili available in Guatemala

If you have visited Guatemala and you like the spicy flavor of our Guatemalan cuisine, then you will like to know more about the main types of chili that originate and are cultivated in the territory of Guatemala.

How to use the word A or AH in Spanish

The use of the letter or word A or AH is very common in the Spanish language. It's not very complicated really, but we thought it's worth sharing the small differences of its different uses.

Conjunctions y - e - o - u in Spanish language

Using and understanding the conjunctions and - e - o - u in the Spanish language is basic for any student of the Spanish language. And it's actually not very complicated. It's just to remember it and keep it in mind and soon you will see that you will be able to notice the differences when you write or speak in Spanish.

Fried Plantains with Cream Recipe Guatemala

The recipe for plantains with cream, known in Spanish as "Platanitos Fritos con Crema" is perhaps the simplest of all, but also without a doubt the most used in Guatemala, in fact it is enjoyed daily. Delicious and nutritious.

Points or Commas for numbers in Spanish

Do you put a period in numbers with more than three digits? Doubt often arises, not only for Spanish language students, but also for Latin speakers themselves. The symbol used for the thousands separator depends on the symbol used to separate the integer part from the decimal part, so that the symbols are not confused.

Pickled Jalapeno Peppers Recipe Guatemala

Pickled jalapeño peppers are a delicious accompaniment to Guatemalan meals, not to mention a staple for every Guatemalan family table. In our recipe the main ingredients are chilies, carrots, onions and spices.