This is a traditional recipe from Guatemala. It is very simple but delicious. It is in fact one of the richest desserts in traditional cuisine, especially in Antigua Guatemala.

It is a very popular sweet in much of Latin America, it is originally from Spain, which in turn was brought from Greece centuries ago. The Greeks associated quinces with love and fertility, since it was Aphrodite's favorite fruit.

The traditional Guatemalan recipe has some variations that make it unique. Although it is a sweet that is found at any time of the year, they are especially popular during the last quarter of the year and it goes well with various Christmas recipes.

Quince Sweet Recipe Guatemala


  • 1 kilogram of quinces
  • 1 kilogram of sugar
  • 1/2 tablespoon of lemon juice
  • 4 tablespoons almond liqueur (or orange liqueur)
  • Chopped pistachio, you could use almonds or walnuts


Step 1 : We clean the quinces with plenty of water. then remove the peel and the center of the fruit with the seeds, as if they were apples. You have to prepare the quince considering 1 kg of the quince meat is already clean, without skins and without seeds.

Step 2 : Then we cut the fruit into small pieces, mix it with the sugar, lemon juice and liquor in a pot. We leave to marinate for at least 12 hours (no less than that… from one day to the next).

Step 3 : Place the pot with the fruit to cook over low heat for approximately 45 minutes. Remember to stir the mixture from time to time. The mixture will begin to thicken little by little. Make sure the mixture is thick and the fruit smooth. The time may vary a little, but it is necessary that the texture is ideal before turning the heat off.

Step 4 : As soon as we see that the fruit is cooked (you will notice that it will also have a darker color), then pour the mixture in a blender machine and blend until it is a thick puree.

Step 5 : Pour the fruit puree into molds and let it cool completely. You could also use a cookie sheet to spread the jelly-like mix and let it cool and harden, then cut into small portions to serve. Don't forget to sprinkle chopped pistachio (or you could use almonds, walnuts or any other nut of your choice) on top while the mixture cools.

Done ! The traditional Guatemalan sweet for the end of the year season is ready to enjoy.

quince sweet recipe guatemala