Learning the Spanish language, as well as any other language is KEY to a globalized world. Learning Spanish will open doors to other cultures, business opportunities and be more competitive in business environments.

Many aspects of our social and business lives require us to develop communication skills to be prepared. That is why learning another language is of crucial importance. The Spanish language is the official language in 20 countries and spoken by millions of people around the world.

Learning another language like Spanish has many benefits, not only makes you more competitive, but also allows you to enjoy more of the experience of traveling or communicating with other people, not to mention that it is an excellent exercise for the mind.

Here we will share a brief and simple guide on how to learn a new language a little easier. You will realize that it is easy, fun and any of us can do it.

Tip # 1 : Talking

learn spanish talking

In a modern world, where all of us spend a lot of time looking at our mobile devices or in front of the computer, we acquire the idea that everything can be learned and practiced without interacting with another person.  And maybe it is so for many things, like learning a cooking recipe, learning how to code a website or maybe learning to draw. It is a fact that you can also applications to study Spanish online, but it is useful to enrich the vocabulary and write correctly ... but unless you plan to never pronounce a word in Spanish, then forget it.

You have to speak to native speakers (and as soon as possible!).

It is a proven fact that one hour of conversation with people who speak the language you are learning natively compares more than ten hours of study on your own.

The reason is simple, conversation is a complex communication process that involves listening to the other person, understanding what they are saying, thinking about the answer, and then expressing it orally in the best possible way. This requires attention and concentration. This simple fact makes studying with a real person the best method to learn a language.

Tip # 2 : Take Classes Online

learn spanish online

The best method to learn Spanish or any language is to visit the country where everyone speaks that language. But if that is not in your plans, the second best method is to learn with live classes on the internet, talking to real people on the other side of the line. This method has shown significant growth in recent times. Video calling tools make this method ideal for learning quickly and comfortably. Besides that economically it is much more profitable.

Tip # 3 : Use New Words

learn new words spanish

Adding new words to your vocabulary as soon as possible is a great tip. Writing down new words is a good habit, and then use them in daily life, this is very useful for any level during the process of learning Spanish or other languages. But it's not just about writing words, you have to put them into practice as much as possible. Ask your teacher about the possibilities of how to use the new words to understand their context, in this way, it is easier to remember them.

Just don't try to write too many new words at once, go little by little. One last recommendation, try to write the new words by hand and with phrases or sentences ... studies have found that writing words by hand helps much more to memorize them than to write them on the computer.

Tip # 4 : Make as Many Questions as you can

learn spanish asking

When you learn something new, especially a language, and if you have your teacher in front of you, don't hesitate to ask questions and write down all the answers. If you don't know what to ask, don't worry, but don't let shyness inhibit you. Write down any questions you have during the day, and then look for the opportunity to share them with your teacher during or after class. If you don't understand something during class, don't let it go and ask about it. Even if it is something you have already asked before.

Tip # 5 : Stay Focused

learn spanish focused

But .... How can you maintain interest for a long period of time? To prevent learning the Spanish language from becoming boring or tedious, use every opportunity you have to introduce Spanish words or sentences into your daily life ... even if it is only to converse with yourself, in this way, the learning process will become more creative. Additionally, it seeks to relate and translate the words that are commonly used in your daily work in Spanish, in this way, it is easier to keep the focus on learning, in addition to making it entertaining.

Tip # 6 : Lose the Fear

learn spanish lose fear

Strange as it may seem, many of us have a certain fear of frustration. We have to avoid the thought that when we learn new words, we have to pronounce, conjugate and write them perfectly immediately.

We all have different learning rhythms, some words may be easier than others, we may comment on various errors, but that should not cause us frustration, on the contrary, we have to enjoy the learning process. Just dare to speak Spanish whenever you can, and if you make mistakes, then try it again.

Tip # 7 : Watch, Hear and Read

learn spanish reading

The last suggestion, simple but very useful ... watch movies in Spanish, especially if you have already seen them in English (or your own language), listen to the dialogues and try to repeat them. Or, watch the movies in their original audio (English or another language) and place the subtitles in Spanish. In this way, you will be able to See, Listen and Read to learn. Another basic tip is reading books in Spanish (or the language you wish to learn), this is very important, just remember to keep a DIC always next to you.