While visiting Antigua Guatemala, a visit to Antigua’s Local Market is impossible to miss. If you are looking for that special souvenir, or simply some local produced fruits and veg, the central market has everything you can think of…

 ... from clothing like jeans, handicrafts like textiles and wood-carven figures, to fruits and vegetables, of course meat and fish is in the menu as well.

Located 10 mins away from city’s central park, on the west side, it covers a huge area with hundreds of indoor and outdoor shops. Since the size of this area is enormous, there is no clear entrance to it, but if you walk west on the 4th Calle Poniente, you won't miss it.  The market is one of the best options for all visitors to Antigua to learn about the authentic Guatemala living style, for it has a cultural atmosphere which does not have the influence of the tourist trends.

First you will see the outdoor stalls selling lots of different things, like cloths, movie dvd’s, antiques, jewelry and even home decoration. If you keep walking in pass these stalls, you will find the entrance to the main building. This market building is divided into two areas, one is dedicated to food, and the other half is for ‘everything else’. Although the market opens everyday, the food area for fruit, vegetables, meat and fish is open on Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays, these three days are known as ‘market days’. The souvenirs and restaurants area opens all week.

The market is quite clean and very well organized. Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays are dedicated to cleaning  the food area.

If you are visiting the market on Saturdays, be aware that it is quite crowded, so keep an eye on your valuables and follow the same precautions you would in any country in the world. But dont worry too much and just enjoy in the singularity and colorful experience of the Guatemalan living style.