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Our Spanish Program at the School

One-on-One Spanish teaching techniques

All instruction is on a one-on-one basis. Classes begin with an exploration to determine the level or knowledge of the language, focusing on the need and type of Spanish required.

This individual instruction format has several advantages:

  • You have the full attention of your teacher.
  • Also, you do not have to worry about the "stage-fright" factor inherent in attempting to utter unfamiliar sounds and words in front of a classroom audience.
  • And for many of our students the most important, is ¬†one-on-one instruction there is no "schedule" of classes. Quite simply, language instruction begins when you arrive, ends when you decide to leave, and the schedule is dependent only on each student's available resources and desire to continue study. Even after the student is in attendance at the Institute, in fact, scheduling of classes remains ultimately flexible. Since you can pay one week's tuition at time, no student is tied to a preconceived schedule. Impromptu travel changes or study plans are always a flexible option.
  • This method is referred to as "Total Immersion", which not only gives you your own teacher for the study period but also the chance to live with a family, this greatly enhances your ability to converse. The school provides necessary materials required for your course (grammar information, homework, vocabulary).* The duration of your course depends on your needs and experience. We suggest between 4 to 8 weeks depending on our previous knowledge.* The classes begin with basic dialogue and progress to complex conversation.* Spanish is the only language spoken by the teachers, although our teachers can converse in basic English. * From the first day, you will begin to study grammar through conversations. This enables the student to develop a sound knowledge of the language.
  • You have the option of studying with the same instructor throughout the course or if you want you can change your teacher to have a new listening experience, culture and ideology that ensures your complete satisfaction.

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