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  • Mareike
    Re: Our Students Reviews
    Reply #217 on : Fri May 16, 2014, 11:45:35
    Good school with very nice teachers. You learn a lot during the conversations with your own teacher. The garden is a great place for taking the classes.
    I also recommend the home stay. I really enjoyed living with a family and other students from the school. The food prepared by the family was typical for Guatemala and always delicious.
  • erika
    spanish class
    Reply #216 on : Thu May 15, 2014, 18:33:17
    i took class for 3weeks,4hours in the morning(30min break time)and 2hours in the afternoon.
    i enjoy to study with Nidia and Lety.we laugh a lot while studying.they are really nice!
    1st day i didnt know how to speak Spanish but now i speak better than before.
    sometimes i didnt understand what they said but they tried to show another example and they didnt give up until i understand.
    thank you so much for everything.
    i want to come back this school again!!!
  • Veronika Vassileva
    Many thanks to Antiguena Academy
    Reply #215 on : Thu May 08, 2014, 15:01:18
    My Antiguena Academy experience surpassed all expectations. I especially enjoyed the classes with my excellent teacher Silvia Flores and the fantastic environment of 'el jardin' - full of flowers, butterflies, birds and even two squirrels. I decided to study for 4 hours in the morning and we usually started the day with a brief chat about the pervious day, then some detailed description of grammatical rules, then practice of the grammar, and at the end of the day - talking, talking, talking on all kind of subjects. The result is - I have the feeling we have known each other for much longer than the 4 weeks I spent in Antigua. Thank you!
  • Livia Saboia
    École d'espagnol
    Reply #214 on : Thu May 08, 2014, 12:01:58
    Je suis venue au Guatemala pour apprendre l'espagnol et je ne regrette rien de cette experience. J'ai été logée par l'école chez une famille super sympathique et chaleureuse, les cours individuels m'ont permis de progresser a mon rithme et ma prof Dilia est devenue une sorte de confidente. Les activités en groupe facilitent l'intéraction avec d'autres étudiants et les sorties culturelles de l'apres-midi m'ont permis de visiter les villages et avoir une complete immersion en la culture locale.

    Une experience inoubliable et fort sympathique même pour ceux aui voyagent seuls. Un grand merci a Julio, Dilia, Judith, Rosario, Claudia et a ma petite famille guatemalteque qui va me manquer enormement...
    A tres bientot, j'espere!!!
    Hasta la vista!
  • Matthew Cranfield
    Spanish for travelling
    Reply #213 on : Wed May 07, 2014, 12:56:35
    I studied for 1 week at Antiguena Spanish Academy in order to help me with my travels through Central America.
    Before I started the class I knew very very little Spanish & could only speak the basics e.g Hola, Buenos dias, Si, etc etc. Now after 1 week with my excellent & patient teacher Lety Socotec I can now understand the present tense of writing & speaking Spanish. I wish I could learn with Lety to the point where I could speak fluent Spanish.
    I highly recommend the school & Lety as a teacher to anyone wanting to travel Latin America, understanding Spanish is a vital tool.
  • Alice
    3 weeks of study
    Reply #212 on : Fri May 02, 2014, 14:26:53
    I studied Spanish for three weeks at the school in April 2014. The private classes are very professional and the majority of the class involves practising speaking and conversation, which in my opinion, is the most important (and most difficult!) part of learning a language. Julio was very professional and helpful, and the school offered excellent prices in comparison to other schools. My teacher, Carmen, was really friendly and an excellent teacher. She was patient with me and taught me more than my previous Spanish teachers (I had previously taken lessons in other countries in South America). I did a lot of research on schools in Antigua, and I really believe that this school is one of the best, with the best value for money. I really want to come back in the future. My host family was also really kind and practised Spanish with me during every meal. The food was generally quite good, but to be honest it was often very carb heavy and not much meat was offered. However, for the price, it was really good, and I was given fruit and vegetables every day, so I cant really complain. Overall, Im really happy with my time here in Antigua with the school and my host family.
  • Daniel De Weerdt
    Para todas mis maestras...
    Reply #211 on : Fri May 02, 2014, 06:41:06
    I have just finished my second period of taking spanish classes in this school, and I can only be positive about my experiences. I have taken classes here for in total 4 months, and in this time I had the opportunity to work with some really nice teachers. Also Julio Sr & Jr were Always very willing to help me. Special thanks to Silvia, Claribel, Magda, Vallesca and Ariely, who were all excellent teachers in their specific way. We will meet again in July ! Grtz, Daniel
  • Niko
    Reply #210 on : Wed April 30, 2014, 21:56:35
    Ich habe die Antiguena Sprachschule fuer zwei Wochen besucht (6h pro Tag)und kann sie nur weiterempfehlen! Hier stimmt einfach alles:
    super kompetente, nette, geduldige Lehrer (die sich eurem Niveau anpassen)
    entspannte Lernatmosphaere (1 zu 1 einem GARTEN!)
    faire Preise (klar, guenstiger geht immer, get what you pay for...)
    usw usw.

    Sehr zu empfehlen ist auch der Homestay, den man optional gegen einen (kleinen) Aufpreis dazubuchen kann. Das heisst, man lebt mit einer Familie, und kann so das gelernte Spanisch gleich in die Praxis umsetzen. Hier lernt man viel ueber das Leben, die Kultur und die Kueche guatemaltekischer Familien. Wir hatten eine sehr gute Zeit, und wuerden die Schule/Familie jederzeit wieder besuchen!
    Uebrigens - Schule + Homestay (inkl 3 Mahlzeiten/Tag) kommt euch billiger als Schule + (guenstiges)Hostel.

    Kleine Notiz am Rande:
    6h pro Tag sind machbar, aber anstrengend. Mit den taeglichen Hausaufgaben hat man dann oft 7, 8h Spanisch pro Tag...sollte man also noch andere Sachen machen wollen, wuerde ich eher 4-5h empfehlen.
    Ich war blutiger Spanischanfaenger, als ich hier angekommen bin. Nach einer Woche konnte ich zwar ein bisschen sprechen, aber ich wuerde mindestens zwei Wochen Kurs empfehlen, wenn man vorher GAR kein Spanisch gesprochen hat.

    Muchas gracias a Mayra, Sheny y Julio!
  • Kelly Craig
    School Experience
    Reply #209 on : Tue April 29, 2014, 13:25:50
    I studied here for 4 weeks. I loved my teacher Lety Socorec. She is very patient and pleasent to be around. It is my plan to come back. Her inglish is helpful for a first time spanish student. This is the place to come if you want to learn at a pace to suit you.
  • Thomas Craig
    School Experience
    Reply #208 on : Tue April 29, 2014, 13:18:38
    I have studied here for 12 weeks and it has be great experience. I studied for 4 houres in the morning with Lorena Aguil and 2 hours in the afternoon with Lety Socorec. They both were excellent to work with. Very knowlageable not only with spanish but also with the centeral american history and cultral. I look forward to coming back. My spanish is not perfect but greatly improved and that was goal. They have exceeded my expectations in every way. My home stay was also adequate and convient. This is a very good value.
  • Amy Woods
    Student Review of Amy Woods
    Reply #207 on : Sat April 26, 2014, 09:00:09
    I attended the school for 2 weeks. I was partnered up with Alejandro a very experienced teacher who didn't resort to having me memorize a bunch of verbs. Instead, he focused on building on what I already knew and had me use what he was teaching me everyday. I appreciated his style of teaching because it wasn't only textbook theory. I also appreciated his patience with me as I mis-spoke many many times. Thank you! I would attend this school again in the future.
  • Virginia Jansen
    Re: Our Students Reviews
    Reply #206 on : Sat April 26, 2014, 08:50:11
    I just wanted to write a quick note to tell you I enjoyed my experience at the school. I was here for three weeks. My initial teacher was Lilly Garcia. I enjoyed her greatly. She was very patient with me and I needed that since I was a beginner in Spanish. It is apparent that she loves to teach. She was always prepared, gave daily homework, and encouraged my progress. Also, the last day that I was here, she volunteered her time to go shopping with me to get some gifts for people. She supported me in what was 'fair' value for what I was buying.
    I also, had another teacher named Carla. She too was a competent teacher. One of the things that I appreciated the most about her was that she taught herself English. She was committed to it...and succeeded. In addition, she too had a fear to speak English, as I have with Spanish, but I have seen how successful she is and that has given me great hope.
    I would recommend the school due to the teachers.
  • Margaret Carlson
    Re: Our Students Reviews
    Reply #205 on : Thu April 17, 2014, 10:41:12
    <Mirtala was my teacher for two weeks. She was perfect for me because she had a clear picture of my entering level of Spanish and the necessary path to follow from. She was clear, organized, patient. The homework assignments were interesting and inspired me to work to a higher level. We had many discussions and she was very patient and supportive with my fumbling, slow Spanish and helped me toincrease my vocabulary to create a more interesting conversation. Mirtala is intelligent, interesting and well educated. Plus, she likes to teach Spanish. I would recommend her as a teacher and request her again without hesitation.

    The directors at Antiguena Spanish Academy were very helpful to us with our housing and general details of getting orgaized in a new city.
  • Brae
    Best Spanish School
    Reply #204 on : Wed April 16, 2014, 12:06:03
    I attended the school for three weeks and absolutely loved it. The teachers are amazing and the garden is the perfect place to study. You learn so fast, particularly with the homestay.

    I highly recommend this school and will definitely be coming back.
  • Andrew Sierra
    thoughts on Antigueno School
    Reply #203 on : Fri April 11, 2014, 13:08:39
    Beginning with the Pickup at airport and ending with my last day of class all went extremely well. The administration of the school was professional and prompt,cost was as quoted. My teacher, Blanca, was well educated and experienced in teaching at all levels. Her english was sufficent to teach in both spanish and english and her patience was excellent. In my experience I needed help with verb tenses and for the first time I was able, with her guidance to finally understand the tenses. I highly recommend her and the Antigueno school for spanish students of all levels and backgrounds. Most importantly it was fun!


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