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  • Johanna
    Three weeks in Antigua
    Reply #232 on : Fri August 15, 2014, 16:03:45
    I came to Antigua without knowing any spanish at all. Within three weeks Ana Isabel (my teacher, highly recommend her!) taught me thousands of things. That does not only include gramatica and vocabulario. We went to the macadamia finca, a coffee farm, went to jocotenango to see a traditional mayan procession and talked alot about the guatemalan culture. I did not only learn the language but also had a perfect start for my travels in Guatemala. Highly recommend to everyone to go to this school.
    Last but no least, tons of thanks to my great host family Lidia, Rolfonso, Jony, Jacky, Leti and Lesbia for a wonderful time!
  • Peter
    Re: Our Students Reviews
    Reply #231 on : Sun August 10, 2014, 16:13:10
    I really liked my Spanish lessons. The tutors were very knowledgeable and professional. My whole attitude toward learning Spanish has changed. It's always important to use the best ways to learn Spanish:

    Overall, I had a really great time here. It were wonderful three weeks.
  • Alessia
    4 weeeks of study
    Reply #230 on : Fri August 08, 2014, 12:34:51
    I studied for four weeks at the school in july 2014. I took private classes with Noemi and the clases were very professional and she helped me very much to improve my spanish. She was a very friendlie person,an excellent teatcher and she had very much patiance with me!! Thank you very much for everything Noemi. The school offers a very interesting leisure program so that it is possible to see many different aspects of the culture.
    I want to say thank you for this wonderful experiences also with my hostfamily. Eva and Cesar are wonderful people and i want to say thank you to them from all my heart for erverything they have done for me.
  • Michael Derzko
    Three months ago, I was in your shoes
    Reply #229 on : Sat August 02, 2014, 18:42:25
    Three months ago I was browsing the web, trying to decide what Spanish school to attend in Guatemala. There were a huge number of schools offering -- as far as I could tell -- exactly the same service at wildly different prices. I chose to study at the Antigüeña Spanish Academy on the basis of price and its favorable standing at And I couldn't be happier with my decision.

    After 10 weeks of hard work on my part and on the part of my teacher (Eugenia Flores), I've gone from not knowing a word of Spanish to having a complete grasp of Spanish grammar and the ability to carry on a conversation with locals. I've gone from not being able to understand the Spanish in a cell phone provider's brochures to reading (with the aid of a dictionary) 100 Years of Solitude, Gabriel García Márquez's most famous novel, in its original Spanish.

    I'd been warned that because Antigua has so many English speakers one doesn't get the full immersion that other towns in Guatemala can offer. However, this feature of Antigua turned out to be critical to my being able to maintain a high rate of knowledge absorption throughout my tenure. I needed that escape from struggling to speak and understand Spanish 24 hours a day, particularly in my first weeks of study. After three and half hours of one-on-one Spanish instruction every weekday morning, followed by at least as many hours of Spanish homework, plus kitchen table discussions in Spanish with my host family (who didn't know a word of English), I was exhausted -- mentally and physically. The escape into an English-speaking social environment that Antigua offered was essential to allowing me to come back refreshed and ready to learn each morning.

    My teacher, Sheny Flores, was incredible. She was an educator with a lifetime of experience who demonstrated remarkable pedagogical skill. She knew when to push me to learn more and when to slow down to give me the time I needed to absorb the material she'd already presented.

    If you've never had the opportunity to study one-on-one with a teacher, prepare to be wowed. You will learn more, faster than you ever have before. Your teacher at Antigüeña Spanish Academy will be a professional -- she will teach you as quickly as you're capable of absorbing the knowledge. And she will speak to you only in Spanish. After 10 weeks, you will have had 175 hours of Spanish instruction -- much much more than you would receive in a standard year-long course with three hours worth of classes per week. After 10 weeks, if you've truly dedicated yourself to the task, you will have learned the language. You work hard; Antigüeña Spanish Academy makes sure you succeed.
  • Janice Palaganas
    Re: Our Students Reviews
    Reply #228 on : Fri July 25, 2014, 20:49:19
    I highly recommend this school.

    I went to this school 11 years ago while I was working in a San Diego Emergency Department to learn Spanish so that I can communicate better with our Spanish-speaking patients. After 5 weeks of intense study, I came back fluent but lost it over the years. I initially chose this school because it is the best of the schools in Antigua, the Spanish in Antigua is most neutral (relative to other countries that offer classes), and Antigua is just one of my favorite little cities.

    I am now faculty at Harvard Medical School and am looking to become fluent again in Spanish to teach some of our Spanish courses. I returned to this school this summer for 3.5 weeks, 11 years later, with my 7yo daughter and 9yo son. The school has grown so much! The school and instructors were amazing with my kids (we each had one-on-one instruction). Julio, Sr. and Jr. (directors of the school) were understanding and very flexible with our needs that seemed to change weekly. I am once again fluent and my kids learned a lot. It was a great introductory class for my 7yo. She can understand many words and phrases, put together basic sentences, and conjugate in present tense. My 9yo did not know any Spanish going in and can now speak conversationally Spanglish-style, conjugating 80 verbs, and putting together a little more than basic sentences. We are continuing with weekly Skype classes from the US with the school. The instructors really worked to keep them engaged.

    The school also acts as a bridge for transportation and housing, managing our transportation and family stay, and offering activities during the week. While you may not get information ahead of time, rest assured -they take good care of placement and the transportation is very safe. I am suggesting to the school that they provide this information in detail earlier to students. We stayed with Alina Sarti in her beautiful house close to the garden and I couldn’t have asked for a better host family for my kids…she and her husband were playful, forgiving, and really caring toward them. Santiago

    Our Instructors:

    My instructor, Waleska Santos, was instrumental to our transition. Her ideas for my learning and the learning of my kids were on point. Waleska is an incredible teacher with great knowledge in Spanish grammar and the English language. While she refrains from speaking English with the students, she is able to accurately understand questions stated in English and translate questions or words into Spanish for learning. Waleska quickly assesses needs, knows which exercises and activities are best for addressing each need, and is amazing with engaging children.

    My daughter’s instructor, Rosa, is amazingly patient. She is kind and motherly. She provides a lot of feedback on use of words and conjugations. She also tells great stories about the Guatemalan culture and history.

    My son’s instructor, Letty, is a children’s educator. It is obvious that she has experience teaching children, especially boys. She challenges them at their level and their personality. My son is quite competitive, so she would review the material with him, then play him in a game and not let him win. It was wonderful.

    Make sure to bring notebooks, pens, pencils, highlighters, and index cards (which you could buy across for the school for cheap, which I had to do but wish I had just brought some since we have so much at home)….and your laptop, tablet, electronic dictionaries, google translate and quiz/flashcard apps (for after class).

    I chose to work remotely while here. I wish I didn’t because all of my emails and work were in English and I think it somewhat set me back in my learning. Leave your work at home!
  • Jasmine & Kyle
    Reply #227 on : Fri July 25, 2014, 16:48:56
    My partner and I studied at Antigüeña Spanish Academy for 10 weeks. We did 4 hours every morning, 5 days a week and from our experience we would highly recommend this school and our professor - Gabby Carrillo. Gabby is an amazing professor; both professional and fun. She was able to really tailor the classes to our needs. If you study here ask for Gabby - you won't regret it. Not only did she teach us another language but gave us insight into another culture.

    The classes take place in a beautiful garden with views of the surrounding volcanoes. The garden is about 5 minutes walk from the school and is maintained well. We had never learnt another language before and arrived with next to zero understanding of the Spanish language or Guatemalan culture. Now we have enough to get around and hold simple conversations with people. If your shopping around for schools look no further because this one has some of the best prices and teachers in town. Home stays organised with the school can vary in quality and experience but if you don't like one you can change to another. We opted to rent an apartment after the first 2 weeks which the school can arrange too. This was better for us because we were staying for longer.

    All in all - 5 out of 5 for this school.
  • Larkin
    Highly Recommend Antiguena!
    Reply #226 on : Thu July 24, 2014, 19:40:42
    When my partner and I arrived in Antigua, we went around to about 10 Spanish schools before deciding on Antiguena. I couldn't be happier with my choice. The teacher I had, Mary Z, was fantastic, striking a good balance between conversation and grammar instruction. I had a lot of fun, and learned a ton from her. She has countless years of teaching experience, and is really excellent at bringing new grammatical concepts into conversation. The garden where class is held is beautiful, and the family I stayed with (Fransisco) was excellent as well. The household has three generations living there, and they are all incredibly willing to engage students in conversation, as well as include us in their daily life. I really felt like part of the family!
    Overall, I would recommend the school, especially for beginner to intermediate students. It is considerably less expensive than many of the other schools in the area, but the teachers, families, office, and facilities are at least the same quality as other schools in town, if not better. Thanks for everything Antiguena!
  • Dan McCarren
    My Experience
    Reply #225 on : Thu July 24, 2014, 19:36:25
    I came to Antigua with my girlfriend three months ago looking to learn Spanish. When we first arrived here we spent a couple of days walking around the city, and getting as much information as possible from the available schools. We ended up choosing Antiguena because it was by far the cheapest of the options available. Three months have passed and I am very happy with the decision that we made. The garden is a nice place to study , and far better than most of the other schools that we took tours of. Plus my teacher was fantastic. For my three months at the school I had a teacher named Magda. We immediately hit it off. I would recommend taking classes with her to anyone. She is highly knowledgeable and has been teaching students English for 20 years. She is very friendly, good at teaching grammar, explaining ideas, and making conversation. Above all your relationship with your teacher needs to be good if you want to have a good time studying anywhere in Antigua. If you ask for Magda then you are guaranteed to not regret it. Overall the school is good, especially for beginning to intermediate students, and I see no reason for prospective students to pay more money at other schools for an inferior product.
  • C
    Re: Our Students Reviews
    Reply #224 on : Fri June 27, 2014, 21:58:03
    I came here with nada Spanish knowledge and after just two weeks my conversational Spanish is already way better than I though it would be. My instructor was Julia, a fantastic person and teacher, but I've only heard good things about the other teachers as well. Instruction is one-on-one in a very pretty garden in Antigua with coffee and food. The school also provides afternoon activities during the weekdays, some of which are certainly worth doing. Overall, a good school and from what I've heard it beats the many others you'll find in Antigua.
  • Hadley DesMeules
    Great 2 weeks!
    Reply #223 on : Fri June 27, 2014, 20:16:32
    I studied for two weeks with Carmen and had a great time. I started as an absolute beginner and feel that I learned more in these two weeks than I would have in a term of Spanish in school. Carmen's teaching style was great for me, the first two days she introduced grammar to me and then from there coming up with examples using verbs and concepts I learned quickly turned into conversation. When I came to an idea or word I didn't know, she would explain it and learning the words as I needed them was a great way to expand my vocabulary quickly without sitting down to memorize a list of words. My four hour sessions each day went by quickly and talking with Carmen both sped up my learning process and helped me learn about Antigua, Guatemala and other cultural concepts. The school's activities are also a fun and interesting way to practice Spanish and learn about the area, we visited a coffee farm, macadamia nut farm, several museums and other locales around Antigua that not only help you get your bearings in the city but also give you a look at some places that would have been more difficult to find just wandering around. Antigua is a cool place and there's plenty to do if if the day's activity doesn't spark your interest. The numerous travel agencies too are great for weekend or day excursions for good prices. During my two weeks I stayed with a family who didn't speak any English so while the first couple days were quiet, I quickly became able to hold decent conversations with my family while enjoying the food. I whole heartedly enjoyed my two weeks here and wish I could stay longer to enjoy Antigua and learn more Spanish! Julio keeps the school really well organized and the garden where classes are held is a beautiful space. I totally recommend this Spanish school even if just for a week, I have no complaints and wish I could stay longer!
  • Meg
    fantastic instruction
    Reply #222 on : Mon June 23, 2014, 15:11:06
    I just finished a three week course of intensive instruction with Lily Garcia. She has the patience of a saint and a great pedagogical approach to teaching grammar. I learned more than I could have hoped for and thoroughly enjoyed the experience.
  • Megan Partin
    School review
    Reply #221 on : Fri June 13, 2014, 13:57:01
    I really enjoyed my experience at the school. My teacher, Noemi, was incredible and I looked forward to going to school every morning. I have learned a great amount of Spanish grammar over the years, but Noemi helped me incorporate it into my conversation. I can not even begin to explain how much has Spanish conversation has improved on this teacher because of Noemis teaching. If I have any friends that return next summer I will tell them to request her. As my home situation, I stayed with Anna Maria in calle chajon. She is a very nice woman and her food was awesome, but I really feel like I missed out on being part of a family. Last year I studied Spanish in Honduras and had an incredible family that I still talk with today...I wish I could have had that same experience here. Thank you for everything...the program here is outstanding.
  • Walker Broad
    Reply #220 on : Fri June 13, 2014, 13:49:18
    The school did a good job of taking care of everything for our group. I was not worried about anything the whole 5 weeks I was there. My family was excellent and really welcomed me into their home. My teacher was Carmen and I learned more than enough Spanish to test out of two classes for college credit. I would definitley recommend my teacher to anyone who uses this school. She is incredible and makes spanish such an exciting thing to learn!
  • Richard & Julie
    We highly recommend this school
    Reply #219 on : Sun May 25, 2014, 09:24:58

    Many thanks for the opportunity to attend your school, it was a fantastic experience for both me and my wife Julie.

    We also wanted to let you know that we were very happy with our maestras, Laura for me and Mirtala for Julie. We would highly recommend them both. Julie especially appreciated Mirta because Julie is a beginner and Mirta knows English very well. So Mirta explains Spanish very well to a beginner. Laura was able to quickly assess my ability and was able to challenge me to learn a lot in a short time while keeping the classes interesting and fun.

    Please thank them once again for all they taught us!

    Muchos Saludos,
  • Sarah Johnson
    A great experience
    Reply #218 on : Sat May 24, 2014, 21:26:52
    I spent 2 weeks studying at Antiguena Academy in beautiful Antigua. I studied 6 hours per day, plus 4 hours a day on the weekend. Emy, my morning and weekend teacher, was excellent. She’s been teaching Spanish for decades and I learned a lot of grammar from her. Several times we joined one or two other student-teacher pairs for group conversation, which is a great way to overcome shyness about speaking. In the afternoons of my first week I worked with Paula. She was great -- a lot of fun. Just to try someone new, I switched to a different afternoon teacher the second week. This was Aurora, and again, she was wonderful -- great sense of humor, very skilled at explaining grammar. I went on three group outings in the mornings, one to the nearby Mayan cultural center, and twice to local churches (by foot), because I was there during Cuaresma and there was a lot to see. These outings were well worth it. The Mayan outing cost Q100 and included lunch; the others were free. As for my homestay, I stayed with a lovely family while I was there, in a great location. This was in the Manchen neighborhood, in the house of Cornelia. An 85-year-old widow with lots of family nearby, she’s a great cook and is very sweet. Irma, her live-in all-around helper/companion, is also an incredibly sweet woman. Overall, with both the homestay and the school, I had a great experience and learned tons of Spanish.


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