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  • Ron
    Twice to this school
    Reply #247 on : Sat October 25, 2014, 19:54:01
    I have been to this great Spanish Academy twice for a total of 8 weeks of instruction. The first time was 7 years ago when I met Lorena, my wonderful and professional teacher. Luckily, she is still working at the school this second time. I saw no reason to try any other Spanish school or to switch teachers. It was great to see how the school grew and how Mt teacher became a mother of 2 in these intervening years.

    I entered the school with a working knowledge of Spanish, which was perfect for coming here as you rapidly gain the ability to speak in this environment.
  • Rachel
    Reply #246 on : Fri October 24, 2014, 11:41:56
    I arrived in Antigua without knowing any Spanish, however my experience was really great.
    I actually extended my trip to stay a extra week!
    When I arrived my driver was waiting to pick me up, and dropped me to my homestay.
    My homestay was brilliant, they sat down and played games with me through my stay and the food was excellent, better than some I had in resturants.
    My only recommendation is if you feel you are not learning with your first teacher change, as I was not learning much with my first.
    The school changed my teacher after their recommendation of changing teachers as i was unsure If I wanted to stay with her.

    I was changed to my teacher Carmen, she is absolutely brilliant. She played memory games with me, corrected me when using spanglish, and was really attentive. I actually stayed an extra week because of her. It was great that after 1 week we were able to have conversations about everything, including cultural things about Guatemala or something as simple as the fruits we liked.
    We also went on day trips with other students.

    My second teacher in the afternoon Mary was brilliant for conversation, the lady can talk! Really happy and lovely, both of these ladies improved my spanish immensly in only 2 weeks.

    Overall, even with the hiccups in my first week the school did everything to repremend to ensure I felt I was getting the best from the school and my teachers, my homestay, Mary and my FT teacher Carmen were all amazing!
  • Alex French
    1 week became 2
    Reply #245 on : Thu October 16, 2014, 21:03:35
    I had 2 weeks at this school and would definitely recomend it. I'd had 3 weeks at aother school a few months previously and found that my learning had stagnated while travelling. It was fantastic that when I arrived here my teacher tapped straight into what I needed to do to develop my Spanish and move to the next level. I was only supposed to have 1 week here but felt I was learning so much that I wanted to extend for a second week.

    My teacher was Mirtala and I couldn't have asked for a beter one. Mirtala worked me very hard with very complicated and demanding school sessions followed by at least a couple of hours-worth of homework.
    (Please note though - I indicated to Mirtala at the beginning of my first week that I was there to learn as much as I possibly could in a short period of time, so this level of effort is not the norm and I specifically requested it.)
    Not only did Mirtala adapt all of her lessons to suit me specifically, but throughout all of this I genuinely felt like I was having a social chat with a friend over a coffee, rather than working my backside off at a school.

    While I had a fabulous teacher and felt I was very lucky, the vast majority of the other students I met had only good things to say about their teachers as well so I really got the impression that this school only hired high quality teachers.

    The school is also set up very well - they have 4-6 hours (your choice) of study 1-on-1 with your teacher in the mornings in a beautiful sheltered garden area. For the most part students are separated by a decent distance (this mainly only fails when it's raining). This means that you have a feeling of being in a studious atmosphere without having multiple other student's conversations interrupting your own. They also have 2 separate and very good and very cheap food providers for the mid-morning break so that students tend to mingle/socialise in 1 of the 2 areas which means there are opportunities to meet fellow travellers and organise any extra excursions.

    The only down side is that the additional activities the school organises for the students each afternoon are a bit weak and not always taken in Spanish. As a result I didn't partake in them as much as I did when I was in my previous school (which ran on a very similar system). If the school could strengthen this part of their setup they would literaly be perfection.

    In sumary I loved my time here, felt it was very good value for money and would definitely recomend it.
  • Martin Walter
    spanish for everyone
    Reply #244 on : Thu October 16, 2014, 13:07:21
    my girlfriend and I visit Antigua to learn spanish and understand the guatemal culture. we spend 2 weeks at a very nice family. my teacher, Lucia, was friendly and a good mentor at the first minute. we laught most of the time and I feel comfortable. all students learn at an amazing garden with fresh fruits and free coffee/water. visit antigua and learn with Lucia spanish. :)
  • Melissa Ward
    Spanish School
    Reply #243 on : Fri October 10, 2014, 11:31:13
    I had 2 weeks at the spanish language school and I must say that taking this time out of our travels was absolutely the right decision. After only 2 weeks here (as a beginner) I feel so much more confident speaking to the locals and organising the basics such as transport, accommodation, food, drink etc. It doesn't matter what level of spanish you have as you set the expectation with your teacher at the begining of the week and you work on the areas you want to. Be clear about what you want to achieve and it will work for you. I had Carmen Cardenas and she was excellent. She made me feel very relaxed and we talked about 'real' things, not just the weather and do you have a sister... I highly recommend her and, my amazing house mum Sugeidy! great food, a comfy bed, just round the corner from el Jardin and a great host. Sugeidy made us feel very much at home and was very supportive.
    All in all, the experience here has been excellent.
    I am just off for a coffee with my teacher...
    Book your time here!!
  • Jake
    Re: Our Students Reviews
    Reply #242 on : Wed October 01, 2014, 16:43:17
    This was my first time studying spanish and I has a blast!

    The home stay was perfect. Super clean and loads of great food.

    My teacher Lety Socorec was the best! Every lesson was fun and super helpful. I can't recommend her enough!
  • Dominik
    Reply #241 on : Sat September 27, 2014, 16:52:00
    I stayed 4 weeks in antigua. I had a great time with my teacher Lucia and the other students. There are a lot of activities in the afternoon where you can discover antigua and get in touch with other students.
    I had a nice homestay with the family Hernandez.
  • Martin
    A wonderful experience, highly recommended
    Reply #240 on : Tue September 16, 2014, 21:37:18
    I came to Antigueña Spanish Academy with no spanish language skills to speak of. I spent two weeks at the school while staying with a family.

    Julia and Miriam are wonderful, caring, and patient teachers. They mixed vocabulary, grammar, speaking, and listening to effectively teach me.
    In that short time I got to know a little about them and their families and hope to see them again.
    While I have much farther to go it was a good beginning. Poco a poco, as they say.

    I stayed with the Gonzalez family, who were great. They were very nice, food was yummy, and they patiently helped with spanish and advice.

    The administration was also very good. Pick up and return to airport was most helpful. They are flexible and accommodating.

    It was a wonderful experience I hope to repeat.
  • Amy
    What a great school
    Reply #239 on : Fri September 12, 2014, 12:44:01
    I spent a week at the school, to top up my very basic Spanish. I have been to a few Spanish schools in the past, and this was by far the best. The lessons took place in a large garden which was great for a change. My teacher Carmen, was absolutely fantastic. She was very patient and also made the classes fun. The lessons were flexible, but always well organized with a good balance of grammar, vocabulary and conversation. Would recommend the school to anyone, at any level of Spanish.
  • Tom Switser
    A great experience!
    Reply #238 on : Mon September 08, 2014, 22:28:39
    I arrived in Antigua not knowing any Spanish beyond being able to order a beer and find the bathroom! On top of that it had been over 40 years since I graduated from college so needless to say my mind was not in tune with learning in a school environment. My teachers at Antiquena embraced the challenge and customized my instruction to meet my needs. After 7 weeks I feel like I am equipped to not only survive but thrive as I move on from here to live in Spanish speaking countries for at least the next year.

    All of teachers were great but Sheny, who was my teacher for the last three weeks was great. She honed in on my weaknesses the first day and proceeded to address those areas and also add new material a pace that suited my abilities. Her structured lesson plans and homework assignments were ideal. She also made the classes fun by mixing in games that reinforced the material covered.

    I highly recommend the professional teachers, the wonderful garden setting and the very helpful management of the Anitiquena Spanish Academy.
  • Shelley Switser
    spanish classes in Antigua
    Reply #237 on : Mon September 08, 2014, 20:22:36
    I spent 7 weeks studying at Antiguena Spanish Academy. The first 4 weeks I studied in the beautiful gardens for 4 hours each day. I decided that was a bit intense for my needs, so then I reduced my class time to 2 hours each afternoon. The teachers and the owner were very willing to accommodate me in every way. I enjoyed every teacher I studied with; thank you to Maria Elena, Laura, Rosalinda and Lily! They are all very patient which was lucky for me since I'm 63 yrs old and I NEED patient teachers!
    Muchas Gracias!
  • Candice
    Passed my oral exam for graduate school!
    Reply #236 on : Fri August 29, 2014, 23:05:00
    One of the requirements for my graudate school is a second language proficiency. Hence, I initially sought out immersion programs in Mexico, Costa Rica and Guatemala. Thankfully, I like you I stumbled across Antiguena Spanish Academy and read the reviews and reached out to former students via email. Every former Antiguena student I reached out to responded within in 48 hours and everyone nothing but positive things to say! Now, I too am able to agree 120% with them as my 11 day experience at Antiguena was phenomenal!

    One of my major concerns was safety. Upon arrival I quickly learned Antigua is a quaint city, easily to navigate and most importantly, as a female traveling solo I never once felt as if I was in any danager. Of course practice safety and follow the school's recommendation of walking in groups at night or being in by 10pm.

    What impressed me from the beginning was Julio's responsiveness. Any email I sent him I had a response within 24 hours. Antiguena truly is a professionally ran school and if you happen to have any issue, Julio or Julio Jr. will accommodate you. Likewise, the arrangement transportation from the school to the airport is excellent. I highly recommend that you have Julio arranage a driver to pick you up and return you to the airport.

    I stayted with a host family (Luis, Elena and Josue) and this was joy to be around incedibly friendly people. I highly recommend staying with a host family if you can. This will give you the opportunity to practice your Spanish that much more. My teacher was Sandra. I cannot express how much of an incredible teacher she is. Although it was a simply 11 days I was able to spend with Sandra I truly feel as I have made a friend for life!

    Rather you have Sandra or another teacher it will not matter, the quality of teachers at Antiguena is superb. I watched all the other teachers daily and they each give their students focused 1-on-1 attention. In addition, it is not uncommon for your teacher to show you the city, help you buy whatever you need at the market, etc. Just be sure to take care of your teacher for their extra time and service. For example, if you are out for lunch or dinner buy it and give them a tip/bonus at the end of your stay.

    I highly recommend that you choose Antiguena. I guarentee you that you will not be disappointed. The entire staff is beyond professional, the teachers are highly skilled, trained and gifted, the host families are warm, welcoming and friendly.

    I am looking forward to continuing my Spanish lessons online and I hope to return to Antigua again in the near future!

  • Tim
    Great Flexibility & Price
    Reply #235 on : Thu August 28, 2014, 19:01:38
    I was staying in Antigua for 4 weeks and wanted to brush up on my Spanish I already had. I organised it on Sunday afternoon to start Monday and it was absolutely no problem. I could only attend in the afternoons and only wanted to do a couple of days a week, again no problem at all!
    The actual classes were brilliant, with a mix of general conversation, formal class style learning and games to improve vocabulary. The teachers are friendly and brilliant at explaining things you don't understand first time. A great atmosphere around the place too.
    At $4 per hour it is also one of the cheapest around! A fantastic school, teacher and experience, thank you very much to you all.
  • Andrew
    Great Experience
    Reply #234 on : Fri August 22, 2014, 07:24:57
    I just finished up 4.5 weeks at the Antiguena Spanish Academy and had a wonderful experience not only with my classes but also with the homestay.

    I came to the Academy with a basic background from two years of high school Spanish. The teachers at the Academy were able to alter the usual structure of classes to take advantage of this background and move me through the grammatical basics (present, preterit, and imperfect) a little quicker than would normally happen. Given my accelerated time schedule, this alteration was really important to me. The flexibility of the curriculum is a real plus for the Academy.

    The classes were well taught using information and resources from the Academy as well as other specific resources that the teachers had at their disposal. This made it easier to understand complex grammatical structures when I didn’t understand either my teacher or one of the sources. Additionally, the teachers are all pretty great. Specifically I had Marta Oviedo (four hours) and Eugenia (Sheny) Flores (two hours). Both Marta and Sheny were outstanding and were great at explaining both vocabulary and grammar. Both also worked great as a team. Marta worked with me on grammar in the morning while Sheny focused almost completely on conversation in the afternoon. I would highly recommend Marta and Sheny to a new student coming to the Academy.

    Additionally, my homestay at Casa Ericka was fantastic. Unlike many houses where the students are separated from the family, at this homestay you are living with Ericka and really get to practice your Spanish with her all the time. She is extremely patient with beginners and intermediate students and will help you figure out words and expand your vocabulary over the length of your homestay. The meals that she cooks are also very good. I never got the same meal two days in a row. Overall I had a great experience at Casa Ericka.
  • Robert
    Reply #233 on : Thu August 21, 2014, 18:33:47
    I studied here for 9 weeks. I originally chose Antiguena because it was the cheapest, and I figured with this sort of thing, the "prestige" of the school is unimportant, because you can either speak the language to a certain degree or you can't; beside, any adult student is as much or more responsible for his learning as the teacher. I can't claim experience of other schools or teaching methods, but I can't imagine the others are really worth twice as much money. My teacher Rosario really knows what she's doing, has a firm command of grammar, etc., can break it down to its components and can make it seem simple and easy. Good mix of conversation, exercises, and games. I highly recommend her. My host family (Francisco Garcia) was also ideal; they were happy to talk with you at length. There's three generations in the house (at one time or another) and they're all very nice. Good location. Plus the food was very good, and varied.


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