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  • Lisa Eberhard
    Great time
    Sat January 03, 2015, 12:12:36
    I just finished 3 weeks at the school and I had a great time here in Antigua.
    Every lesson was helpful, interesting and fun. I had a wonderful time with my teacher Lucia in the beautiful school-garden. Time flies when you're having fun.
    I came to Antigua without knowing any Spanish. Now I have enough to hold simple conversation.
    The homestay was a good experience with a lot of nice students. The food was fantastic!
    Muchas gracias! Lisa
  • Stuart & Adele
    Los Opuestos
    Fri January 02, 2015, 09:45:50
    My girlfriend and I spent 4 weeks at the school and loved every minute of our time. We had 3 teachers during our study (Lety, Lily and Rosalinda) and each one was fantastic in their own way. They catered the learning to our needs and went at a very comfortable yet challenging pace. Our teachers played many games to make learning fun....with our favourite being Los Opuestos!

    Our home stay was lovely and we had the pleasure to stay with a wonderful family who cared for us and helped us to improve our Spanish.

    We had a great experience with the Antiguena School and would have no hesitation in recommending it to others.
  • Ted Carleton & Connie Fern Miller
    Antigua Spanish Academy
    Tue December 30, 2014, 10:24:53
    We would like to thank both staff & teachers for a most enjoyable 2 weeks of language & activity experiences in Antigua, Guatemala. We will return in the future because of the quality of the experience! Thank you ! Sincerely TED & FERN
  • Ariane and Jan
    Very efficient learning
    Sun December 21, 2014, 17:55:22
    We are a Swiss couple that arrived in Antigua as beginners. Nonetheless, we were really motivated to make good use of our time at the school and learn as much as possible. We booked three weeks of classes, four hours in the morning and two in the afternoon. Our teachers were Aurora Ordóñez and Lily Garcia and both were excellent. They quickly realized what our goals were and what we needed to reach them. Both are competent and motivated teachers, but also very lovely persons. We had a lot of fun with them, even though we worked hard and the lessons were quite demanding. But since that was what we had wished for, our experience at this school was just great. We definitely recommend those two teachers, if you are looking for structured, profound lessons.
  • Jim and Rita Tinsley
    Completely Satisfied
    Fri December 12, 2014, 18:05:31
    We are a mature couple who came to La Antigua not only to enjoy the city but to refresh the Spanish we had used fifteen years ago when we lived in Spain. We researched only a few schools but quickly discovered that none were as responsive and as highly recommended as the Antiguena Spanish Academy.

    Our experience has been outstanding, and the Academy accommodated our request for a schedule slightly different from their normal routine. We lived on the economy, not with a host family, and we asked for four weeks of instruction, with two hours of classes each morning. After an initial interview to determine our level, we were placed with a professional young woman who was a very personable and capable instructor. We generally had both conversation and grammar review each day, with a bit of homework each night. The atmosphere was friendly and enjoyable. We looked forward to each lesson. Our expectations were met completely, and we can recommend the Academy without reservation.
  • Luke Burden
    The school and my teacher, Noemi Vasquez
    Thu December 11, 2014, 17:10:58
    I studied Spanish for 5 weeks at this school and can strongly recommend both the school and my teacher.

    == The School ==
    Well organised, this school is one of the older establishments in the city and has a solid reputation. You get the choice of studying in a beautiful garden with glimpses of the active volcano Fuego (the more popular option) or in an office setting very close to the Merced Church and near cafes etc.

    == The Teacher ==
    My profesora was Noemi Vasquez and she impressed me with her dedication to my learning of Spanish. She quickly worked out what my learning style was and tailored classes to suit my learning style. She was fun, energetic and reliable; I'd book her as my teacher again in a heartbeat.

    Thanks for everything!

  • Britta and Philipp
    Spanish Classes as a couple - absolutely brilliant!
    Mon December 01, 2014, 10:42:41
    As most of the previous comments suggest: we absolutely loved our stay in Antigua with 2 weeks of Spanish classes, 6 hours per day! We had 2 different teachers: Mirtalla 4 hours in the morning for grammar and Lily/Iliana 2 hours in the afternoon for conversation. My boyfriend and I wanted to study together and had a quite good level of Spanish beforehand (5 years of Spanish in German high school). We learned so much additionally! In the mornings, we could refresh our memory of the past tenses, subjuntivo and conditional sentences. In the afternoon, we spend our time with Lily, walking through Antigua or chatting over everything and everyone in one of the many beatiful cafes of Antigua.
    The organisation of the school, run by Julio, is superb. As Germans, we really like good organization and punctuality ;) and it was all to our satisfaction.
    The acitivities in the afternoon are a nice way to communicate with others from the school or to get to know more about the Mayan and Guatemalan culture.
    The school garden is beautiful to study! However, once it was really good in the morning so we asked Julio and he gave us a room in the school office building. Very flexible everything!

  • viviane ansart
    Re: Our Students Reviews
    Fri November 21, 2014, 19:50:43
    my teacher's name was Arely and I recommand her highly. She has taught me a lot with a
    great amount of patience. She has a good sense of humour which helps tremendously when the student is lost between tenia que y tengo que!
    I wish I could have stayed longer but if I have the opportunity to come back I will definitely ask for her. viviane ansart november 21st 2014
  • Julia
    Spanish Academy Antiguena
    Wed November 19, 2014, 19:51:24
    Right after I talked to Julio in the office, I made my decision to study Spanish at Spanish Academy Antiguena! And I can highly recommend this great school!
    I studied 5 hours in the morning for two weeks with my adorable teacher Lily Garcia! She is absolute professional and brilliant, patient and lovely and I start to feel really close to her. After two days I extend the school for one more week, just because of her! She explained everything so good that I really learned a lot in at least two weeks! (Even more grammar than provided on the time schedule!) We also had great conversations about everything, serious topics and private too! That's the best way to practise speaking Spanish and I enjoyed it a lot. I would have extend for one more week, but unfortunately I needed to keep on travelling, I was really sad when I left...
    Also my home stay family was lovable, they lived just next to the school garden (by the way, very nice and promoting atmosphere, also the cafeteria provided tasty and cheap food, but only in the morning) and I had a nice and clean room for myself at the rooftop of the house with a overwhelming view at all three volcanoes every morning! Everyday I had very interesting and also very funny conversations with my house mom Suheidy, she really cared about me and made my stay very comfortable!
    What else to say, I would always return to Spanish Academy Antiguena, hope my review makes it easier for everyone to choose this school, for me it was a wonderful experience!
  • Patrick
    great school
    Fri November 14, 2014, 18:57:21
    We just finished 3 weeks at the Antiguena Spanish Academy and we had a fantastic time here in Guatemala.

    The school is very well organized and there is an excellent infrastructure offered.

    With our teachers (Leticia Garcia and Lidia Isabel Castillo) we are very satisfied. They made our lessons really interesting and instructive, so that we could achieve a great progress. Thanks again to both of you for your great work!

    We are very happy with the school, the teachers and the Homestay and we can highly recommend the Antiguena Spanish Academy.

    Andrea and Patrick, Switzerland
  • Faith
    Re: Our Students Reviews
    Fri November 14, 2014, 15:33:09
    When I arrived here four weeks ago I did not even know how to count in Espanol! I was a complete beginner. My teacher Arely is amazing! she made sure I have a solid foundation. There are days when I felt like I was not making any progress, but she always encouraged me and helped me see the progress I was making. I highly recommend Arely, she has a way with words and always explained difficult verbs with jokes.

    Julio Junior, and senior are both amazing, always answered my questions with a smile. Julio Senior was always present at the garden, checked on the students and teachers as well. They are both very involved.

    My homestay experience was great, I did not know what to expect when I got here. I stayed with the Sactic Ordonez family, Eva deserves an award!!!! they may not have a swanky home but they have enormous hearts, the whole family always made sure we were ok. The meals at their house were amazing!!! she always put out a spread! sometimes 5 different types of fresh fruits and vegetables!!! never served the same thing twice

    I highly recommend Antiguena Spanish Academy!!! you will not be disappointed, they are very flexible! no request is too small.
  • Sofia
    Tue November 11, 2014, 14:26:59
    I studied at antiguena for 7 weeks and it has been amazing! First of all, I loved my teacher, Blanca. She has been always very helpful with everything and patient. I learned a lot and feel like I improved. The manager, Julio, is also very helpful. I totally recommend this school!
  • Nick Brown
    Antigua Spanish Academy
    Mon November 10, 2014, 18:03:30
    I had a wonderful time learning spanish during my stay here in Antigua. I came to Antigua to attend this school and I wasn´t disappointed.

    The City of Antigua is absolutely beautiful and I never had a problem with safety. The school is located next to many nice restaurants and shops. I stayed in one of the schools apartments and it was very nice. Private location, private shower, Wifi and TV. Julio was always willing to help me with any issues that came up and even scheduled me a hike on the active Pacaya Volcano (highly recommend).

    I spent 8 days at the school and studied for 8 hours a day. My teachers Lety Socorec and Nidia Burrion were an absolute dream. As a person with a beginners knowledge of Spanish I was nervous as to the patients of the teachers and how much I would be able to learn.Lety and Nidia were extremely kind and patient which created an atmosphere of learning and I feel I improved my Spanish knowledge significantly.

    All and all it was a wonderful experince and I plan on returning next year and enrolling in more class. I would highly recommend studying here!!

    Nick Brown
  • Kristen
    Great Experience
    Sun November 09, 2014, 15:37:35
    I studied at the school for 3 months and I would highly recommend it to anyone considering taking classes here. Although you can change teachers anytime you want to mix it up, I stayed with Laura the entire 3 months. She was so great. I can honestly say that she became I really good friend. I chose to take class for 5 hours everyday. Laura did a really great job breaking this time up and class always seemed to fly by. We always started off talking about whatever we did the day before, we corrected my homework and then we spent a lot of time on conjugating verbs and grammar. She had children's stories for me to read and work on vocabulary, we translated songs, played different games such as scrabble etc. She was so flexible with our schedule and she really went above and beyond helping me with non-class related things. I told her that I wanted to start volunteering with kids so she looked into some places and the next week took me to visit so I could pick one. I had questions about doing gymnastics and volleyball at a nearby gym so she went with me to help get all the information. Sometimes we would go out to eat together or go to the market to shop for different things. All the while we worked on having conversations in Spanish. I feel like I have learned so much.
    The other students are from all over the world, it is so cool to meet so many different people. The school provides so many activities for everyone to enjoy. They have movie showings, tours, cooking classes, sporting events etc. They are really great to work with and very accommodating to anything you need.
    My family was fantastic. I spent a lot of time with them and got really close to the kids. Everything that the school provided was top notch.
  • Liam + Kate
    Fri October 31, 2014, 14:24:56
    My partner and I just finished a week of study with magda in Antigua, it was an excellent week and I highly recommend her as a teacher! We arrived with little to no Spanish and by the end of the fifth day were able to understand conversation and reply appropriately (not exactly full sentence but get our point across!) which was an amazing feat in just five 4 hour lessons. Had we more time in central we would have stayed and continued lessons with her as the attitude was great for learning and not to stressful. Overall a great experience and a necessity for English speaking travelers heading south!


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