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  • Benoit Corbeil
    Great experience in my spanish Class
    Thu April 09, 2015, 09:53:45
    I recently spent one week at Antigueña improving my Spanish with Julio I really enjoy the week and the progress I was able to accomplish with Julio. The personalized program where we were able to tailor it to my business was also very productive. To top it I met a great person in Julio and now a friend. I will recommend it to anyone in the business world to have a quick and productive return on your investment.
  • Tatum
    Review- Spanish lessons & Homestay
    Wed April 01, 2015, 20:13:54
    I studied at Antiguena Spanish Academy for 4 weeks. My teacher was Lety Socorec and I stayed in a homestay with parents Oscar & Chiqui.

    I did not know much Spanish before I started, but classes with Lety and conversations with my host family soon changed that.
    Lety was an amazing teacher and we formed a great bond. I unfortunately fell sick in Antigua and she even accompanied me to the doctors.
    Classes included theory, grammar, vocab, games, excursions and interactions with other students. It was a great experience and motivated me to keep learning Spanish at home.

    The homestay was great with interaction by the entire family, as well as other students who are also studying at the school.

    A very memorable experience!
  • Imi Ganz
    Teresa Gonzales
    Sat March 28, 2015, 12:57:14
    Teresa has been a GREAT!! teacher and friend to me. I came to Central America a year and a half ago without any knowledge of Spanish and had been unable to communicate in Spanish except for few basic words. During the 3 weeks I studied Spanish with Teresa, 4-5 hours a day, 5 days a week, I got the knowledge and courage to start speaking Spanish little by little. Since I started studying with Teresa I have been increasingly more comfortable and more able to carry basic conversations in Spanish, which has been invaluable!!! to me. In addition to being a great teacher Teresa has been a really good friend to me. She had been extremely helpful with various important things I had to do during my first week in Antigua and couldn't have done on my own, both because of the language barrier and the lack of familiarity with Guatemala and Antigua. She was very available, flexible, and patient, and introduced me to many of the treasures of Antigua. Studying with her was fun.

    Julio was very welcoming, patient, and accommodating which was also very important in introducing me to the school. I didn't live in a home stay and since my classes were in the afternoon I didn't participate in the activities except for a cooking class which was informative, fun, and delicious.

    I highly recommend Antiguena Spanish Academy and Teresa Gonzales as a teacher
  • David Lomasney
    My experience at the school
    Thu March 26, 2015, 11:09:09
    I was working with Paula in the morning for four hours and Sheny (moto) for two hours in the afternoon. My homestay was with Oscar and Esperanza. I found everything to be very good. Oscar and Esperanza helped greatly with my studies as well. I hope to return to the school to continue my studies.
  • Laura
    Re: Our Students Reviews
    Tue March 24, 2015, 05:47:58
    I recently spent one week at Antigueña improving my Spanish with my wonderful teacher, Maribel! As someone who used to know a fair amount of Spanish but had forgotten Some of more complex tenses, I worried that I would be spending my time learning and doing worksheets for a lot of basic things I already knew. Maribel was great at simply talking with me and then doing quick little activities to jog my memory and help
    Me remember the grammar details I had forgotten so that my conversational level could improve faster. Maribel was open, friendly, and fun. I had a great week with her and when I return, I will definitely ask for her again!
  • forrest bell
    Sun March 22, 2015, 15:56:40
    For my boyfriend and I, Antiguena Spanish Academy was well worth our time and our money. We chose to stay at a home stay, which we both highly recommend. The family was very welcoming and the food was delicious. Staying with a family also adds opportunity to practice your Spanish outside of the classroom, ask questions about Antigua, as well as eat traditional Guatemalan dishes.

    We chose to study for four hours and day, five days during the week for two weeks (20 hours a week). The school and the teachers were very accommodating to our schedules, and even worked on Saturday for us because of a conflict within our own schedule. Julio, the director is very efficient and emailed/corresponded with me quickly.

    Our teachers were Anna Isabel Velasquez and Mary De Zuleta. Both were very friendly and professional. From their experiences teaching for over ten years, they were able to work with us on individual levels and help us achieve our individual goals. We recommend the one-on-one lessons, because the teacher can really work with you on your own level. After completing our two weeks, my boyfriend and I feel more confident in our Spanish. Two weeks was just a short amount of time, we look forward to coming back next year and spending more time at the Antiguena Spanish Academy.
  • Bonnie Brandon
    Great Classes, Great HomeStay
    Sun March 15, 2015, 15:26:54
    I attended classes at the Spanish Academy for four weeks i February 2015. My teacher, Maribel Ramos was excellent! My suggestion would be to take classes in the Garden! When you sign up just ask Julio. Seems like everybody had the same idea - the setting was very popular and very
    conducive to learning. The 10am break came with a local family providing comida typica for sale at a very reasonable price. I originally signed up for 6 hours of classes but changed to 4. If you are unbelievably driven 6 hours might be your thing, but I enjoyed going back "home" having lunch and then heading out to explore the city and everything it has to offer. The Academy offers Skype classes which I will probably begin shortly so I dont lose the skills I worked so hard to gain. And yes there is homework!! I spent time in Parque Central and drinking coffee and eating the most decadent desserts in La Condesca Cafe right next to the park. Also try the crepes at La Luna de Miel. Just ask anybody where it is. My accommodations were just wonderful - Casa Lorretti - Mary de Rodriguez who is the housemother is very helpful and she provides three good meals a day and her staff will do your laundry for a small fee. By the way, I had a Private Room with my own bathroom. For goodness sake, take the private transportation offered by the school for $40. At least take it into Antigua. Pick up at the airport and delivery to your home.. No fuss no muss. Back to my teacher. Maribel Ramos - if you are lucky enough to get her, you will progress nicely. She is patient and smart as a whip. She sure knows her Spanish grammar. I came away from the school with a much better understanding of Spanish and could carry on a decent conversation with the locals. She got me up to the Conditional verb tense and we were heading directly for the Subjunctive Mode when it was time to go. Go for at least 4 weeks if you can, it took me about two weeks to really get my sea legs and then we polished up my skills in the last two weeks. That is why I am going to go back as soon as I can get freed up to do so. Lastly, I took some weekend trips since things are relatively quiet when you are not in school. A day trip to Lake Atitlan was interesting and best of all I went to the Pacific coast and stayed at a fantastic resort - Dos Mundos in Monterricco. Ask Julio when you get to the school, he will get you steered in the right direction. I have some new FaceBook friends as a result of my stay. Since students in the house were always coming and going, some of us decided to stay in touch using Facebook. Also I got some great suggestions for things to do and places to visit from the other students and volunteers who were staying at the house. I was fortunate enough to befriend one of the past students who posted a great review regarding his experience at the Academy and offered his e-mail address. I actually caught up with him while I was there since I later found out he spends a great deal of his time in beautiful Antigua. So I will offer mine to anyone who would like to ask me any questions they might have re my month at the language Academy. You can reach me at:
  • Song Hong
    a perfact taste at Antiguena
    Thu March 12, 2015, 04:30:05
    I am from China, I can`t speak any word in Spanish before I studyed at Antiguena.
    I haven`t any plan to learn Spanish during my vacation. I changed my idea when I met with a guy from Scotland named Martin at Mexico, he has been stayed at Antigua for one month studying Spanish,he said Antiguena is perfact!Ok,let me try!
    I learned one week from Feb.23 to Feb.27,it is so short,but it gave me a wonderful taste and a good memory at Guatemala,them will follow me for a long time!

    I must say "Muchas gracias" to my teacher---Marta Lidia Oviedo! She is very patient and very profession,I can learn many knowladge about Spanish from her everyday!

    More important that Ms.Oviedo tought me to build a interseted at Spanish, told me the good and right mothed to continue study Spanish!

    Now, I am back China,I am studying Spanish by myself follow the APP,I wish I could speak Spanish very well some day, and could go to Guatemala again! Maybe, I could meet Ms.Oviedo again!Wishing you could find out a happy life!!

    An the other hand,I was living at a family during I learnd Spanish at Aatigua, I am lucky that the owner of the family named Katya, she cooks very well and did her best to cook different food for me every dinner,she tread me very nice,I like to say thank you Katya very much at here!!! I could remember you and your cute son!!Wishing you and your family having a happy life!

    Howeven, it is ture that it is my the first experience,meanwhile it is my perfact taste on the road!

    Fanilly, thanks Antiguena Spanish Academy!
    You gave me so many!
    I like to recommend you to my friends!! It is real and I have done it!

    Wishing everybody at Antiguena could have a good day at everyday!

    Your sincere
    At Beijing China

  • Kat and Mat
    Great time learning spanish
    Sat March 07, 2015, 22:33:44
    Mat and I had 5 days of Spanish with Rosario. Rosario was so lovely and very patient she spoke really good English but only when absolutely necessary. This forced you into listening to the language which helped us pick it up really quickly! After five days we felt like we had learned heaps and that speaking Spanish was an attainable goal. The garden setting is fantastic too! Nothing like an outdoor classroom. I would highly recommend this school and Rosario. The best Spanish teacher ever!!
  • Andrew
    Great school and homestay
    Thu March 05, 2015, 15:03:33
    My girlfriend and I studied at the Antiguena Spanish Academy for two weeks and stayed with a homestay family. I was taught by Magda who is awesome, not only have a learnt a lot of new Spanish from Magda (I started with very little) but I have learnt a lot about Guatemala and have had good yarns in general. My girlfriend was taught by Carmen who was able to take her from speaking next to no Spanish to having basic conversations with our host parents at the table.

    Our homestay parents were Odilia and Adolfo. We were the only students staying with the family and they made a real effort with us. Every time we sat down to eat one of the family would join us (even if not eating)so that we could practise. The bedroom was very comfortable, we had our own bathroom and the food was great.

    If you're looking to study Spanish anywhere in Guatemala you probably won't find better value than this.
  • Gottfried Zantke
    Spanish Language Class
    Sun March 01, 2015, 00:22:19
    I just finished a wonderful 8 weeks trip through Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua. A very important reason that I got along so well was my ability to make myself understood in Spanish.
    I did not hesitate to communicate in that language and there were a lot of a places and occasions where I had been pretty lost had I only depended on speaking English.

    So I would like to thank you and in the first place my very good teacher Byron, who taught me all the important basics but most of all made me talk, talk, talk about whatever subject there was. He accompanied me in the city, whether it was for getting a local SIM Card for my cellphone or to buy an adapter for my European plugs. Most of all I liked his sense of humour so we had a lot of reasons to laugh together. I did not believe before that I would be able to learn so much in just a weeks time!


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