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Similar words in English and Spanish with different meanings - Part 2

For the second article will talk “Approve, Eventually and Lecture”. We continue to explain some of the most common examples of English and Spanish words that sound the same or almost the same, so it is easy to confuse definitions for each.

The English and Spanish languages share a very similar vocabulary and structure. Naturally, it makes sense to associate many of these words and their meanings, but as we explained in the previous post, there are exceptions that we have to keep in mind. Find below 3 additional examples.

1.- Approve ...

This word is immediately related to the Spanish word "aprobar", and although some online dictionaries translate it this way, its meaning is not the same. The correct translation of APPROVE in Spanish is "estar de acuerdo". Below, we share two examples on how to use the words "approve / aprobar" so you can tell the difference easier :

  • APPROVE : No estoy seguro de estar de acuerdo con esta nueva teoría /  I am not sure I approve this new theory
  • APROBAR :  Confío en poder aprobar mi examen de admisión / I hope to pass my admissions test

2.- Eventually …

Out of the few examples we have shared so far, this one can be a bit tricky, since the literal translation for EVENTUALLY is "eventualmente", but the way it is applied in the Spanish language is different and therefore both words do not mean exactly the same thing. The word EVENTUALLY would be translated as "finalmente" in Spanish, as to indicate “after a while” or “at the end”. But in the Spanish language, "eventualmente" indicates that something happens on occasion, but not always ... we could say it’s version in English is "from time to time". Note that the word "eventual" indicates that something is irregular in relation to time.

  • EVENTUALLY : Finalmente, él entenderá / Eventually, he will understand.
  • EVENTUALMENTE : Yo voy al cine eventualmente, cuando tengo el tiempo / I go to the movies from time to time, whenever I get the chance.

3.- Lecture …

It is very easy to confuse LECTURE with "reading". The correct translation for LECTURE would be "conference" or "explanation", whether in a class or an exhibition. While the word "lectura" is translated to English as READING, as we are studying a book or just reading. The word Reading also refers to an "analysis," such as "reading a situation."

  • LECTURE : El profesor está compilando sus notas antes de empezar la conferencia. / The professor is currently compiling his notes before the lecture begins.
  • LECTURA : 
    -- El profesor en clase recomienda las siguientes lecturas./ The teacher in class recommends the following book readings.
    -- El resultado del partido muestra varias lecturas para conversar. / The result of the match shows several readings to talk about.

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